DECEMBER MID-WEEK RUN to NOOJEE PUB, Thursday 10th December

What a lovely day it has been for our trip to Noojee and our pub lunch patronized by fifty-four members. That extrapolated to a lot vehicles and a traffic jam cleared by the local parking inspector. (Just joking). I saw many happy faces on the deck at the “Nooj”.

I got very anxious for Karen and Steve as it seemed their meal had been forgotten as we polished our plates.

Not to worry, their din dins turned up in the fullness of time.

Lots of laughs about dogs and their owners. Heard about violence committed on a mare by a wayward deer stag in bushy Drouin. New items and discussion about our Shire administration.

Alan had a great story about a motor home built by a less than skilled artisan!

On the way up, Jenny and I followed a very immaculate BMW hardtop coupe. The driver seemed to be talking to his passenger a lot as the road speed fluctuated. Here am I thinking I will just stick with this member and get there early by sticking to the main road.

Well, imagine my surprise when he peeled off toward Powelltown. Have we lost a member, never to be seen again?

Thanks to our evergreen organizer, John Fowler, for another enjoyable outing, on our 54th wedding anniversary.

Ian and Jenny Honey

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