MID-WEEK RUN to Yinnar Hotel, Thursday 11th March

Thursday?s Mid-Week Run commenced with members enjoying scones, coffee and a chat at the Darnum Stump Tearooms, then out into the lovely sunshine to commence our trip to Yinnar.

It was a great turn up of 40 members and their wonderful cars ranging from new models to older vehicles, although not quite vintage, in warm overcast weather.

Great to see my favorite car – the Mustang here! New and old models and all in immaculate condition – you wouldn?t expect anything less.

Leaving at 11am we all headed off east down the highway towards Trafalgar to Sunny Creek Rd, then we meandered up through the hills with spectacular views. Being the passenger, I get to really enjoy the scenery, whereas the driver should be mainly concentrating on the task at hand – driving – even though it?s hard for him to not look around into properties at the old treasures some people have!

The area is incredible, one minute you are in the dense bush then the next you are driving through potato & grazing farm-land around Thorpdale. Later on, we had the ridge-line views of Lawrences Rd, and onto the Moe South Rd with its spectacular views south across to the Strzeleckis. There are still so many roads that John & Jan find for us to travel, that I have never been on, and for them to be sealed for us, is an even bigger bonus.

Going through these country areas brings up the issue of all the old treasures under pine trees, perhaps sitting there for years and years behind sheds Oh boy, it?s a problem! I?m told to write this area down so we?ll remember to come back!

The views along Coalville Road did not disappoint, then McDonalds Track into Morwell with its outlook of new vistas with the Hazelwood Power Station chimneys now gone. Something we all remember from childhood years – GONE!! The open cut is closed and the battering of the edges looking different from what we?ve had for so long.

We arrived at Yinnar for lunch after a fantastic trip at about 12 20.

Our lunch at the Yinnar Hotel was really nice. The service and food were both excellent, and from talking to members, I think a great day was had by everyone. Thank you to John & Jan for once again giving us a great trip, selecting a great lunch venue and arranging lovely weather.

Can?t wait for next adventure.

Words by Lorraine and Ron Knight, photos by John Fowler and Steve Schmidt

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