With daylight saving now but a memory, it was already dark and too cold, wet and miserable to take much notice of those sports and classics parked outside the Clubrooms – so no outside photographs this month.

Inside, about 50 club members enjoyed the usual banter before settling down to soup and main course, after which Ian Maud introduced Ian Hodge to tell us about his 1974 Citroen DS which was on display in the dining room.

The DS and its less expensive variant, the ID, are avant-garde, front-engined, front-wheel drive  executive cars manufactured and marketed by Citroen from 1955 to 1975 in sedan, wagon and convertible body configurations, across three series. Ian’s is a Series 3, introduced in 1967 and recognisable by the double headlights beneath a plastic fairing. Amongst the many innovations introduced by Citroen with this car, the inner pair of high-beam lights are linked to the steering and turn with the car.

Powered by a 4-cylinder, 1900cc pushrod engine the big Citroen doesn’t offer sports car performance, but when matched to its 4-speed, column-shift gearbox, it cruises effortlessly at the speed limit whilst its occupants enjoy lounge-chair seating and a smooth ride thanks to the self-levelling, hydropneumatic suspension. You can even change a wheel using the suspension system to jack the car up.

Ian had long hankered after a DS and was ‘encouraged’ by both his son and Sporting Register friend John Moore to outbid a Japanese collector at one of Shannons classic car auctions a few years ago. The car’s original owner was a Maffra publican, it was then sold to a Bendigo enthusiast before going to auction at Shannons. Ian loves driving the car and we thank him and Mary for driving down in the rain from Melbourne to share his enthusiasm for Citroen with us.


Ron Knight:

The dinner was absolutely terrible the chicken was uneatable, the food’s presentation was terrible. This wasn’t a restaurant meal.
A cafe serves nicer meals than that

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