Amid daily reports of impending doom, incessant icy winds and grey skies there was one fine, sunny day forecast for Thursday 19th August – that day was tagged as our ?DRIVE DAY?. The usual suspects hadn?t exercised their machinery for quite a while and with the regions now able to travel freely, the opportunity was grabbed with both hands.

Three Mercs, a couple of Bimmers, a Porka and a Stinger were cleaned and fuelled for a 270 kilometre romp from Warragul down through South Gippsland to the coast for lunch and then back across the Strzeleckis to home on some of the lesser used roads that make spirited driving so enjoyable. Hampered only occasionally by road-work speed restrictions where there were no roadworks, the odd tractor or farm vehicle, and the inevitable Camry driver, we all enjoyed a fairly traffic-free run that allowed us to enjoy the the sinuous bitumen and the beautiful scenery that this part of the world has to offer.

All the cars performed brilliantly, Ray Youlden lost the keys to his C63 AMG somewhere in the car, but was able to continue driving, as it can be started so long as the key is in proximity to the vehicle ? it also meant that anyone was able to jump in and drive off with it! Glenn Campbell?s M3 began the day with an ?anti-lock brake? warning that fixed itself after some enthusiastic driving, but then returned to haunt him on the way home. It was the perfect day for open sports cars, the three roadster pilots took advantage off this with their roofs stowed away, enabling enjoyment of that warm sunshine which seems to have been missing for quite some time. It was also terrific to have Des Dillon join us in his new Porsche 911 Carrera S ? what a lovely car, and he was not afraid to get it dirty!

Unfortunately large club runs are still out of the question whilst the Covid regulations restrict numbers at outdoor gatherings, but there?s nothing to stop small groups meeting and organising outings between themselves ? it certainly lifts the spirits.  If you enjoy driving, take the opportunity when you can ? you never know when we?ll be  in lockdown again.

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Jack Armour: “That orange Stinger? nice!!”

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  1. Jack says:

    That orange Stinger… nice!!

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