MONTHLY DINNER MEETING, Drouin Golf Club – Thursday 18th November

Members enjoyed what was our final dinner meeting for this on-again, off-again year, on an evening when the government finally lifted all restrictions on density caps and numbers at hospitality venues, retail and other forms of gatherings across the state. With some form of normality now returning, we can confidently look forward to a more active car club during 2022 ? at least for those of us who are fully vaccinated.

Daylight saving and warmer weather now provides us with an extra opportunity at our monthly dinner meetings, to display half a dozen or so of our members? sporting and classic vehicles on the road in front of the function centre. Unfortunately, planting an ugly great SUV in the middle of this display area used up the space where another classic (or two) could have parked, and ruined the opportunity for a group photograph this month. Thank you though, to those members who brought along their classics and displayed them in front of the building, it?s always great to see these special cars out and about. When we hold events at this venue, please remember to park your SUVs, utes and Camrys in the general car park and leave the area outside the function centre for the types of cars that we, as a club like to encourage.

On display inside the dining room this month was Ed Denovan?s latest acquisition, an immaculate 1987 Mercedes 560 SEC. This model was the Mercedes flagship coupe of the 1980s and was based on the S-class W126 chassis. The 560 was powered by the largest engine in the range driving through a 4-speed automatic transmission. Despite being such a heavy car, the 5.6 litre, 220kw V8 could achieve a 0-100km/h time of 7 seconds and a top speed of 250km/h. ?It?s a lovely car to cruise in? says Ed, ?but very thirsty!?

After a glowing assessment from his brother-in-law, Ed purchased the car sight unseen through Shannons on-line auctions during one of Victoria?s extended lockdowns. When new, it had initially been sold in Sydney before being picked up by a collector and eventually another enthusiast who looked after it very well and kept a thorough documented history of its maintenance. The odometer shows 260,000km but because of the car?s condition you could easily believe it was half that distance. As a flagship model, the 560SEC is very well equipped. Ed likes the large steering wheel which makes for more relaxed driving, and the seat-belt butler which delivers the seat belt to within easy reach whenever you turn the car on. He also likes the white-wall tyre look which are in fact ?flappers? fitted to the wheels sitting up against the tyres.

Physically, it?s a much bigger car than it first appears. There is a huge boot area and the interior has ample room for 4 adults who access the pillarless coupe through its large doors. Perhaps it was an incentive when purchasing the car, but Ed is now looking forward to driving his son and daughter around in it when they return to Australia early next year.


John Cobbledick – Love your comments about the UGLY ?SUV ?Steve . Could not agree more.

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  1. John Cobbledick says:

    Love your comments about the UGLY s u v Steve . Could not agree more

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