2022 June Breakfast Club

Not a great day for being outdoors, but around 30 hardy souls demonstrated their contempt for the elements by discarding the heater for a wind-blown, drizzly car park this morning. We had the usual interesting diverse collection ranging from Trevor’s Thunderbird down to an X1/9; from several Mercedes coupes (must have good-fitting roofs!) to a 500hp Falcon to VW, Jags, a number of MX-5s; and one of my favourites – a SAAB Aero.

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2 Responses to 2022 June Breakfast Club

  1. John Hogbin says:

    You missed my Bmw
    Not many there and I still lost the raffle
    I am sure that with a bit of time you will improve
    No hard feelings all the best
    See you again (in about 3 months)

  2. Trevor batt says:

    Well done Ian
    Great photos

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