The misquoted line from the movie, The Field of Dreams, ?Build it and they will come? has never been more appropriate than when applied to our very successful monthly Breakfast gatherings. Every month we fill the southern end of the Woolies carpark with an impressive display of well-loved classic and sporting cars driven in from the surrounding area or from further afield by those keen for a longer run. We have been lucky so far this year with excellent weather falling on our particular Sundays and as a result we draw a good crowd of interested onlookers.
Once again, our April gathering attracted many previously unseen vehicles including this lovely powder blue Riley that had recently been placed on Club Plates.? There were also a couple of very large American two door cars including a black Lincoln Continental and a convertible Ford Galaxie which certainly filled up any car parking spaces that were left vacant. At the other end of the scale there was a Diahatsu Compagnolo roadster, a couple of VW Beetles and Minis including a Mini Cooper S which looked as if it could have fitted into the boot of the Galaxie that it was parked next to. Hiding a short distance away in the general car park area, so we?re unsure if it was there as part of our activity or not, was an authentic, spartan, military -looking 1940?s Willys Jeep belonging to a member of a Military Vehicle club. The lack of creature comforts and luxury appointments reminded me very much of the Mini Mokes I used to own ? I guess that?s where BMC got the idea from.
With the fine weather, there were of course the usual open-top? sports cars – Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, the odd Porsche, a Lotus, an S2000 Honda and a? Capri as well as a couple of Fiat 124 Spiders. European prestige cars were also well represented and a nice contrast to our home grown coupes and sedans like the RT Charger, Falcon GT and GTR Torana.
I you haven?t brought your classic or sporting car along to a breakfast gathering yet, get yourself up and rolling early on the second Sunday each month; you?re sure to rewarded by a fantastic gathering of cars and enthusiasts.

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