AUGUST BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 10th August

Just out of Warragul at Nilma North is the Bureau of Meteorology?s newest Weather Observation Station. It?s totally automated taking measurements and records of all the weather variables from that site at half hourly intervals twenty four hours a day. The record tables are then available for perusal on the Bureau?s website. This month?s breakfast gathering was held in wet and dismal weather conditions. The Bureau recorded temperatures between 7 and 8 degrees, but with a cold westerly adding to the wind chill factor, the Bureau calculated the Apparent Temperature to between 2 and 3 degrees during the hours we were in town.

It certainly felt cold and the regular showers certainly didn?t add to the ambience. Your correspondent counted 32 sports and classic cars, none without a roof in place, which is a rarity at our monthly gatherings. Our members probably outnumbered the cars on display; Ron Brooks left his classics at home and elected to drive the Land Cruiser over from Phillip Island, as did the Magna driving John Althuizen and Lloyd Shaw who drove his Nissan Sedan instead of the TR7 or FJ. It was great to see these blokes supporting the event even if their special cars weren?t. ?John Crawford and Steve Trapnell must have had an attack of the guilts and returned home to come back again with their classic Vee Dub and Mustang respectively. Some regulars travelled considerable distances through wintery conditions and were anticipating the need for car wash on their return home.

It was interesting to meet a chap this morning who, although having no connection with the Club, was looking through the photos on our website when he came across a shot of the Jaguar XK120 he once owned. He decided to visit our gathering to try and track down his old car, and as fate would have it, he was eventually introduced to Graham Longmore, to whom he sold the car about 20 years ago. The pair had plenty of history to catch up on.

As usual there was a wide variety of vehicles present this month. More sedans and coupes than sports cars; but certainly a gathering that would interest anyone with an automotive bent. In amongst the regular cohort of collectible classics there were a couple of previously unseen vehicles on display ? a very tidy white Hillman Imp GT (when was the last time you saw one of them ?) and an R-series Valiant braved the elements to boost our numbers.

Let?s hope that with the coming of Spring, next month we can enjoy the sunshine reflected from the polished duco rather than beaded rainwater and fogged up windows.

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