AUGUST MONTHLY MEETING, Drouin Golf Club – Thursday 14th August

The August monthly meeting was ably chaired by our Club Secretary, Glenn Campbell, standing in for President Mark McKibbin who we hope is somewhere between Adelaide and Darwin enjoying a vintage rally in his Sizaire Naudin. After the usual General Business, which included a report from our two 6-Hour Relay teams, David Anderson was invited to tell us about his recently restored red MGB V8 roadster which was on display in the dining room.
This car began life as a 1975 rubber-bumper 4-cylinder MGB, the V8 engine was available in the MGBGT coupe body, but even though the roadster had a similar chassis configuration, the roadster was only available with the 4-cylinder engine. Dave?s car has been fitted with the 3.5litre alloy Rover V8 engine which is actually lighter than the 4-cylinder engine, as well as all the associated V8 hardware such as the thicker front discs and bigger radiator which are all available off the shelf. The original fuel injection system on this particular engine has been replaced with a Holley carburetor which sits nicely under the bulge in the MGC alloy bonnet. To take advantage of the V8 torque Dave has fitted the car with 15? wheels, which together with an overdrive gearbox, makes for relaxed touring and more top end speed ? if the opportunity to use it ever arises.

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