BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 13th Oct.

Our run of cold, wet and dismal Breakfast Club Sundays at last came to end with our October gathering being held in quite passable Warragul spring sunshine (read as intermittent cloud). The balmy morning conditions of around 6 degrees combined with a lack of wind were enough of an incentive to attract somewhere between 80 and 90 special cars and motorcycles away from their winter hibernation. Your correspondent arrived a little later than usual after noticing the lack of movement after start-up in the Fiat coupe?s Benzina gauge and dropping by a petrol station before the tank ran dry. Nevertheless, at 8am the southern section of the car park, which holds about 30 cars, was full and the adjoining areas were filling fast.

It is estimated that somewhere between 80 and 90 vehicles attended this month?s gathering and as usual there was an eclectic mix of vintage, sports, classic, luxury, daily drivers, motorcycles and Street Rods to attract one?s attention. ?It was nice to see three and a half Ferraris (if you count Mike Whitford?s Ferrari-engined Fiat Dino Coupe as a half) together with a Boxster and a couple of 911 Porsches heading the pedigreed sports fraternity. Classic British convertible sports cars also made a welcome return with plenty of Triumphs, MGs, Jaguars, and the odd Healey enjoying the sun?s rays.

As usual, there? were a number of debutantes this month including an early 60?s XL Ford Falcon with sun visor and rear window venation blind, Merv Swingler?s 1950?s Ford F100 tray, a fourth generation Toyota Supra from the turn of the century, a new Toyota 86 in bright blue, several customised Street Rods and Glen Campbell?s recently resurrected, first generation Honda Civic from the 1970s. After having sat unused in the family garage for over 20 years, the little Honda is perhaps not in the same league as Glenn?s M3, but it?s now running sweetly and will soon be sporting Club Permit plates. The value of classic cars can sometimes be in sentimental terms rather than monetary value and we?re happy to see them all at our monthly Breakfast Club gatherings.

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