BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 8th October

Classic car displays may not immediately evoke thoughts of ducks on a pond, but the analogy does have some accuracy to it. The serenity of seeing dozens of beautifully presented classic cars parked together in a harmonious display of colour and design belies the effort and frustration often taking place just below the surface.

Unlike their contemporary counterparts, older cars often require more regular maintenance and have a tendency to breakdown occasionally. This is the stuff from which certain marques have derived their automotive personas, and also where legends such as ?Lucas the Prince of Darkness? were born. Your correspondent has been giving the spanners a workout over the last couple of weeks in an effort to keep a couple of his classics on the road, and our Breakfast Club regulars seem to be, or will be doing likewise. On display this month was Gus Luke?s red MGA which after an extended absence, is back on the road with a new lease of life after receiving an engine transplant. Steve Braha?s Triumph Stag is apparently in need of a little Stromberg fettling, and Mort FitzGerald?s MGB overdrive actuator worked once after fitting, and then not again! Graeme Hollingsworth?s brutal-looking and awesome-sounding E-Type Jag, can now drive further than just around the block, now that the water pump has been replaced and it seems that Barry Dunstan?s Fiat may have developed some valve clearance issues. Unfortunately, Shane and Linda Slatter?s E-Type Jag never quite made it to the Breakfast Club this month after locking its brakes on, within a stone?s throw of the venue, and then failing to start after the brakes were freed up. Thankfully they hitched rides up to Woolies with other members and enjoyed the morning?s camaraderie.

This month?s Warragul forecast of a fine morning with afternoon showers, along with thunderstorm activity in the evening, was accurate as far as the afternoon and evening bits were concerned, but unfortunately off the mark before that. Threatening clouds and a cold wind put a bit of a dampener on the morning?s activities with convertible soft tops hurriedly erected when the rain started falling. Never-the-less, somewhere in excess of 80 vehicles made for an impressive display, which was bolstered by the visit of a Porsche Club contingent who stopped by on their run from Melbourne which took them out through Yarra Junction, Powelltown and the Neerims.

Bill Formby arranged for a couple of 1912 Cadillacs and their owners to stay at his place in Drouin overnight Saturday so that they could join us Sunday morning, and what an impact they had on those present. Both cars belong to the Formby clan and have an extensive history in both the USA and Australia.

The rain eased off at around 10am and people began departing soon thereafter. This was of course Bathurst Sunday, there was a race telecast to watch all afternoon –  and the rear-vision mirror had fallen off the Marcos again, so this little duck had some paddling to do.

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