BREAKFAST CLUB ? Warragul, Sunday 13th February

It seemed that this weekend?s gathering clashed with many other events around the State, taking away many of our regulars and reducing the number of vehicles on display to around 40 or 50 cars. Nevertheless, I believe that it was a pleasant morning and enjoyed by those who attended.

The comment below is from Ian Honey and the photo by Kat Marmara-Stewart

What a great venue to meet up with our fellow members. Paul Mogensen, Graeme Martin and I had a good old chin wag. Yes, about cars, but also about men?s health matters. Kevin Riley is still waiting on the medicos to grant elective surgery and fix his busted shoulder.

It was a good morning and I was personally pleased to see that the cavernous potholes that had prevailed for months in the carpark had finally been filled. What would our lives be like, had it not been for the creation of our excellent club by Doug Armour and his merry band.

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