A little over twelve months ago we lost one of our club?s very good mates and long-time member Graham Longmore. It was thought appropriate to honour Graham?s memory with a drive, even though Marg believes Graham would have been terribly embarrassed by the idea.

John Cobbledick brought the idea to fruition with a scenic tour out to the Thompson Dam with a picnic lunch upon arrival. Twenty cars formed up at the departure point in Warragul behind Steve Schmidt (BMW Z4) and Kevin Riley (Mercedes SL55) who kept to pedestrian speeds until letting loose on the final stretch of twisties after turning off onto the Thomson Dam Road north of Erica. John Cobbledick (Jaguar XJS cabriolet) as tail-end-Charlie made sure nobody missed a turning and all made it to the picnic ground on schedule. All that is, apart from Alan and Lorraine Richards (Cooper S) and John and Marlene Moss (MGB?) who left Warragul well after everybody else and missed the turn-off to the picnic ground.

The overhanging trees and sheltered BBQ pavilion provided much-appreciated shade for a picnic on what was turning out to be a rather hot afternoon. After lunch quite a few drivers ventured out onto the road crossing the dam wall to admire the view of Melbourne?s largest water reservoir, and took the opportunity for a group photo before making their own way home.

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