JANUARY BREAKFAST CLUB – Warragul CBD , Sunday 11th January

A gleaming row of red, roofless sports cars in Warragul?s Woolie?s carpark on a Sunday morning could mean only one thing ? the Sporting Register?s Breakfast Club season for 2015 had begun. With perfect weather (despite the dismal forecast) enticing people out, a good crowd of people and around sixty lovingly cared for classic and sporting vehicles created a focus of interest on an otherwise quiet Sunday morning.

Three MX5s, a couple of RX7s, an MR2 and a rare R version of Honda?s NSX hinted that support for classic oriental sporting cars may be on the rise; but it was still a fair way short of the very strong British and German following always present at these gatherings. It was interesting to see a pair of MGB GT V8s parked next to Lloyd Shaw?s Triumph TR7 V8 – all with their bonnets open showing off the 3.5 Litre alloy Rover V8 that was also used in vehicles as diverse as Range Rovers and the Aussie P76. A huge Ford Thunderbird with ?just the 400 c.i. V8? made its Breakfast Club debut appearance in company with several Mustangs, the Fankhauser Dodge and a Studebaker representing the USA.

Des Dillon made a noisy appearance in the Type 35 Bugatti parking it alongside Mark McKibbin?s Lancia Lambda limo and a beautiful Delage both from the same era.

Aussie classics were conspicuously thin on the ground, but Fred Wright?s mulberry Falcon GT and Bob Russel?s classic Valiant helped to represent our domestic manufacturers.? For those looking for something different, there was a very ?70s looking?VW Beach Buggy and a classic, single-cylinder?Royal Enfield?motorcycle. Several owners are displaying information sheets on their cars, a trend that I hope continues as it creates more interest in specific vehicles.

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