JULY BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 8th July

It may have been wet enough to bog a duck, but it takes more than a spate of inclement weather to deter our Breakfast Club participants. Definitely not an occasion for topless cars today, but there were plenty of convertibles showing off their fabric soft-tops or folding hard-tops. For most of the morning it looked like a Mazda MX5 club meeting with six NC models and an NA making up nearly a quarter of the gathering. However, later in the morning a dozen or so Porsches, participating in a Porsche Club outing, appeared out of the rain, joined up with our two local examples and become the dominant make at this month?s event.

It?s not unusual to see a pride of Jaguars at the Breakfast Club each month, and there were four present this month; but to see a couple of Bolwells parked next to each other was a bit of a treat. Ross McConnell, who works at Bolwell, brought along one of the factory?s new mid-engined Nagari 300 models and parked it next to a classic Mk.7 coupe. Sporting Register members will be excited to learn that Ross has arranged for the Club to visit the Bolwell factory at Seaford later in the year ? look for details in coming editions of Idle Chatter.

With a blustery, cold, south-westerly wind blowing, it wasn?t much of a day for socialising; but the shop verandas kept us dry while we watched rain beading on pampered, polished paintwork as the disc brake rotors rusted. No doubt there will be some afternoon chamois work happening in many garages across Gippsland once the cars arrive home.

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