JULY MONTHLY MEETING, Drouin Golf Club ? Thursday12th July

We were down a little on numbers this month, but considering it was the middle of our Retiree Winter Excursion Season, having 45 bums on seats wasn?t too bad of an effort. The Golf Club surprised us with a buffet dinner and laid the room out with five beautifully presented round tables of 10. The food was nice, but by the time the final table was called up there wasn?t much in the way of choice or quantity available. We hope this serves as a learning experience for next time.

For a while it looked as if our featured display car might be a no-show, but it wasn?t long before the dim glow of Lucas 7? headlights coming up the drive put our anxieties at rest. David and Claire Richards had brought along their 1967 Morris Mini Deluxe which has been named Misty after its colour, Mist Grey.

David had been secretly yearning for a Mini ever since driving one at the old Morwell Hillclimb track as a mere youth. It was the handling and responsiveness that ticked the boxes, but the search for a suitable shell to build up was unsuccessful. Instead David picked up his father?s ?Cooperised? Mini Deluxe when Allan upgraded to his current Cooper S.

This is a very tidy car that has never undergone a full restoration. The bodywork is in original condition whilst the mechanicals have received some gentle enhancement. The 1100 engine is 0.040? oversize, it benefits from having some headwork and balancing done and it now breathes through a 45 DCOE Weber and long-centre-branch exhaust manifold. Ignition is electronic and the alloy wheels enclose upgraded disc and drum brakes from a Cooper S which match the performance of the engine. The interior has been tastefully customized with a sports steering wheel and a pair comfortable reclining seats from one of the last series of Rover Minis.

David and Claire use the car regularly on Club outings and have participated in several Fly the Flag tours.

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