JUNE BREAKFAST CLUB, Sunday 14th June – Warragul CBD

According to the Bureau?s local weather observation data, it was 1.5 degrees C ?when the Marcos was kicked into life and we set off on our run around the boonies before heading into town for?our monthly Breakfast gathering. ?A good opportunity to try the heater, I thought; so the toggle switch was flicked to low-speed and I waited for the warming to take place. Unfortunately, the door windows needed to be down to keep the screen from fogging up, and the only noticeable effect of the heater was a slight whirring sound from under the dashboard. Selecting hi-speed just made the whirring sound go faster – about as useful as tits on a bull! However, the little car was such?fun to?drive, the temperature and occasional fog bank were soon forgotten as we enjoyed the spirited run into town.

A good crowd was already setting up when we arrived, so it seemed like another successful Breakfast Club was in the making. Despite the temperature, several drivers had made the trip with roofs down, whilst others waited until arriving before folding the canvas. As usual, we had quite a few participants who had made early morning starts from as far away as Melbourne, Leongatha, Healesville and the Valley ? some with heaters that worked, others without.

By 9:30 it was a balmy 4.6 C and our usual carpark was full.? Sports and classic vehicles were spilling out on to the road or mingling with the general supermarket daily drivers. About 80 special vehicles supported our gathering this month and as usual, the variety and quality was outstanding.

Some of the first-timers that grabbed my attention included a very tidy and original-looking? MGBGT, a beautiful, blue Bolwell Nagari ? one of the best-looking Australian car designs, ever; a bright orange Plymouth Road Runner with a 440 big block V8, and an immaculate, cream 1940?s (?) Chevrolet tourer with a retractable soft top.

As usual, there were plenty of Mercedes sedans and coupes, lots of MGs (including at least 3 V8 MGBs), Porsches, Jaguars (including 2 E-types), Minis and even a Ferrari Dino 308 fitted with a tow bar! Owners and onlookers found plenty to plenty to talk about, and the event seemed to run quite a bit longer than usual with cars still arriving as most people were pulling stumps and heading off.

A great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning, even if your heater isn?t very effective.

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