MARCH MONTHLY MEETING, Drouin Golf Club ? Thursday 12th March

Unfortunately the Annual General Meeting which was scheduled to take place during this month?s Monthly Meeting had to be postponed. It will now be held during our April Monthly Meeting, so there is still plenty of time to lodge a nomination form if you?d like to be a member of the Committee.
The display car in the dining room this month was a very rare, Australian-built Milano GT – a fibreglass special built by JWF Industries in Sydney between 1959 and the early ?60s. It belongs to new members Paul and Helen Mogensen who purchased it in January from the previous owner in Adelaide. The car had previously undergone a complete restoration taking six years and it was last registered for use on the road in 2004.
There were a variety of chassis and engines used in the 50 or so Milano roadsters that left the Sydney factory. Some used the MC TC Chassis, others used the Triumph Herald unit. The choice of engine was up to the owner and seemed to be limited only by one?s imagination or cheque book. MG motors were popular, but it was also possible to fit the Holden grey motor or even a Valiant slant six!
Paul?s car has been built around a tubular spaceframe chassis which would probably assist in keeping its weight down to a trim 680kg. It uses MG running gear, including a supercharged MGB engine. The Judson supercharger is belt-driven and mounted relatively high in the engine bay, just above the engine?s exhaust manifold. Unfortunately to accommodate the blower, an additional bulge in the bonnet is required, which somewhat spoils the flowing lines of the car, but certainly creates a point of interest. Like most kit-car specials, the components are sourced from a variety of models. I noticed the novel use of Mini door hinges, and the chrome spoked, centre-lock wheels are from a Triumph TR6.
Paul is still learning about the car, but enjoys driving it and hopes to do some club level motorsport events in it at some stage.

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