MAY BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 11th May

Mothers’ Day dawned with damp roads?and?a hint of?winter chill in?the air. Numbers were down a little, and there seemed to be constant comings and goings?as?people fulfilled their? family duties.? There also seemed to be?fewer open top sports cars this month, probably due in large?part to the weather,?but?our Mercedes owners came out in force to boost numbers and?be the most highly represented marque. Their Stuttgart cousins were also present in? substantial numbers with Boxsters, 944s?and several different versions of the classic 911 on display.

There were a couple of neat Mini Deluxes and a Cooper S?in the gathering?this month. The classic BMC Mini, some of them now over 50 years old, is still very popular with people of a certain age – most remember owning one, or driving one, or having a friend with one and the various activities they got up to in it?!! In relation to size – at the other end of the scale we had Des Dillon’s Aero-engined Hispano Suiza and John Fowler’s old Dodge truck on display.?Both these?dwarfed the otherwise larger sedans present like the Chrysler Saratoga, Falcon GTs and high performance Commodores. It’s always nice to see classic English cars?from the 1940’s and 50’s, examples?like the burgundy Riley, the XK120?and black Rover that turned up this month?exude a subtle quality with their leather and burr-walnut interiors,?contrasting sharply with the current range of sporting tourers.

Your editor apologises for the quality of photos in this month’s gallery. The regular camera ran out of battery power early in the piece and with the spare battery at home on the charger, ?it was left to?a tiny GoPro camera with wide angle lens to document the gathering.

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More pictures from Malcolm Irwin:

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  1. Fred Wright says:

    Having spent a lot of a previous life working in the trucking industry I think John’s truck was the highlight of the day. Thanks John.

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