Mothers? Day it may have been, but with the fine weather continuing to bless our monthly gathering of sports and classic cars, there was another impressive display filling our venue once again.
Clint Wilson debuted his recently restored Cooper S alongside two other examples of the marque. We had a pair of Rileys, two Lancia Monte Carlos parked together, twin VW Beetles side by side, several Mustangs in close proximity, a duet of Corvettes and MGs scattered all over the carpark. There were also Porsches of front and rear engine configuration, some having driven the scenic route from Melbourne via Powelltown, others emerging from their cosy garages just a couple of blocks away. There was a Ferrari 328 GTS in red of course, some thumping V8 sedans, Ron Brook?s twin turbo V8 AC Cobra and a V6 Fiat 130 Coupe.
Australia?s finest family cars were represented by examples from Ford, Chrysler and Holden, including Lloyd Shaw?s immaculate FJ which he drove down from Glen Waverley. There was a lovely old primrose Vauxhall displaying the plates FIFI.2, a new Toyota 86 and several other Japanese sportsters.
John Althuizen rode in from the Valley on his Mike Hailwood Replica Ducati 900SS, which was one of 7000 built to celebrate Hailwood?s victory at the 1978 Isle of Man Formula One motorcycle race. All in all, a very interesting and well-presented gathering of vehicles

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