MID-WEEK RUN – December 2019

On Thursday 12th December our large crowd of 33 travelers packed into the Darnum Stump Tearooms for coffee, scones and a very social chat before we left on our last scenic tour for 2019. No-one was outside because of the light drizzle. (Graeme H. believes I ?mozz? the weather especially for him whenever he attends.) However, the weather cleared as the day went along.
With this tour our 18 Classic cars (a few were ?moderns? because some Classics were ?broke?) all went north of the highway and spent much of our travels back and forth on parts of the earliest access roads into Gippsland – ?Old Telegraph Rd?s and the ?Old Sale Rd?. Some fabulous history here for you to look up.
The countryside looked green and in fine form, with some wonderful views, although a little hazy in the earlier parts of the tour. We did a lot of ?zig-zagging?, and up-hill and down-dale, from Shady creek to Brandy Creek, to Crossover and back to Rokeby, to Jindivick and back to Drouin West, to Labertouche and finally across the Freeway to the Longwarry Hotel.
Some of the roads we had not done before, and some were done in a different direction to previous runs, so it all made for a very interesting and scenic tour on great driving roads. I was told that it was great to be part of the ?snake? of Classic Cars in front and behind, as we wound across the countryside.
At the Longwarry Hotel we had the back room to ourselves, and they also had a great selection of ?Seniors Type Meals? which those that had them, all thought were extremely cheap. The meals were generous and very tasty, and well worth going there again. It was a very social occasion with a lot of chatter and mixing, and a great way to finish the 2019 Club Year.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Jan and myself in attending these MWR?s in 2019.
Words and pictures by John Fowler

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