MID-WEEK TWILIGHT RUN – Wednesday 25th November

Warm, blustery conditions under an increasingly threatening sky didn?t bode well for our first Twilight Run of the season, but about a dozen classic and sporting vehicles, some optimistically topless, were well up to the challenge. Mark McKibbin had mapped out an interesting route of about 55km which took participants from Drouin, to Buln Buln, then on to Neerim Sth via the Mizpah Settlement Rd and back to Luciano?s Restaurant in Drouin via Jindivick and Drouin West. To make the event a little more competitive, and to involve the passengers, there were eight cryptic questions that required answering en-route.
Your correspondent headed off prior to the official start looking for a suitable photographic location at which to snap some shots of our members on the move. Lying in wait, the first sign of an approaching car is usually the sound and it?s always nice to hear a well-tuned sports car making its way towards your location. You hear the engine revs rising and falling in sync with the driver shifting manually up and down through the gears sometimes with a blip of the throttle on the down change, then accelerating again before coming into view. MGBs and Minis have their own particular sound and like most of the older classics there?s a richness to the note not found on more modern machinery. Sound wise, contemporary cars, especially automatics just don?t cut the mustard.
After taking a series of photos near Buln Buln, it was back into the Bugeye for a sprint up to Jindivick to try for a second round of shots. Unfortunately, it was becoming very overcast and the fading light was making it difficult to capture clear images of the moving cars. Despite waiting for what seemed like an eternity, several of the cars seen earlier failed pass through Jindivick before I pulled stumps and headed off to the finish.
On arrival back in Drouin, everybody made their way into Luciano?s where they were joined by several other members who couldn?t make the run. Mark collected everyone?s answers to the cryptic questions and declared the Campbell clan as winners with a perfect score.
By now a vigorous cool change had pushed its way through and spots of rain were falling. Luckily the roofless Bugeye made it home with little more than a dampened windscreen. Thankyou to all who participated in this mid-week event and especially to Mark for his work in putting it all together.

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