After coffee and scones for some and a natter for others, 27 cars and 44 Club members, gathered at the Darnum Stump Tearooms before heading off to Moe, where they were joined by 5 more cars and a further 8 Club members. 

Lord John Fowler handed out maps at the start of the run and gave us our instructions. We headed towards Trafalgar on the freeway before turning into Sunny Creek Road and winding our way up into the hills. Along the way we were stopped for roadworks, which gave us time to listen and enjoy the Bell Birds. Onwards from there we travelled through tall timber and then out into the undulating hills with a patchwork of rich red paddocks in the potato country around Thorpdale. 

All along the way there were creeks running, dams full and overflowing, fat sheep and cattle contentedly grazing on green paddocks, and cyclists groaning as they struggled up the steep inclines. Having travelled through drought stricken far-western New South Wales over the last couple of months, the contrast is unbelievable. 

We passed the site of the World?s Tallest Tree (375 ft) on McDonalds Track, and later enjoyed more picturesque winding roads taking us through Narracan and Coalville. 

There was a little confusion at the Two-Mile Road intersection, with some going straight ahead and others turning onto this road, which wasn?t a problem as we all ended up at our destination, the Moe Racing Club Bistro for lunch. 

We had a beautiful meal with lots to choose from on the menu and room for everyone. There was a lot of chatter and catching up with members before we made our way home. 

Thanks again to John & Jan Fowler for their organising of another great run around the beautiful area we live in, together with the follow up great meal. We look forward to the next rendezvous. 

Graeme and Elaine Longhurst (Mini) ? Photos by John Fowler

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