Here’s a few comments about the event and some pictures from the track photographer, your editor, Jodie Finger and Joel Martin
– Neither of our two teams won or placed – but we also didn’t come last. Team Wildhunde came 13th and Team Wild Dog 31st.?
– The weather was terrible on both days.?
– Teresa Youlden managed our Team Wildhunde and sang a stirring rendition of the National Anthem in front of a full grid of Cars and personnel on Sunday Morning.
– Gus Luke (Sporting Register member from Willow Grove) looked after us all as a member of the Fire and Rescue Team.
– There was great support from families and friends who manned the pit wall, did the timing and logistics,?and kept us all fed with home-made slices and biscuits.
– Accommodation and hospitality was generously provided by some of our Island members.
– Robert FitzGerald suffered what seemed like fuel starvation in his dad’s MGB Spa Car during practice and was unable to rectify it satisfactorily for Sunday, so missed out on most of the fun.
– Ray Youlden has a history of attracting birds in the red M3, but this year he collected a Cape Barren Goose which took off his driver’s side mirror. It was initially identified as a low-flying penguin.
– David Youlden shared the red M3 with his old man and led Team Wildhund off at the start of the event on Sunday from the third grid position.
– Mark Revitt-Mills was flagged in a couple of times to fix a fuel leak from an old fuel tank hose. It was duly repaired and the Commodore ran well all weekend.
– From the pits, Ron Brooks’ silver WRX looks like any other silver WRX or EVO or lots of other small silver or white cars as they crest Lukey Heights, so it was soon wearing a big slab of green vinyl sticker on the side to make it more obvious to the timing crew.
– Murray Campbell and Robin Bailey developed a case of yellow blindness and overtook other cars under yellow flags, which luckily for them only incurred lap penalties.
Ray Gymer fell asleep sitting in his Porsche in the Team Garage whilst waiting for the previous team car to complete it’s stint. He had to be woken up as it came down the Pit Road.
– Phil Finger’s little red Corolla did a zillion laps having shared it with Paul Zsidy, their combined time on the track would have totalled about two and a half hours.
– David Richards ended up with a surplus of fuel as he’d forgotton to account for the fact that his father, Alan, wasn’t sharing the car with him this year.
– Your editor claims to have eyesight problems when it came to reading the pitboard at 100 mph. Mistaking a tiny little – for a tiny little + ?caused him to go even faster in the Fiat 124 coupe incurring a not-insignificant number of penalties.
– A great weekend was had by all. Special thanks to Joel Martin and Teresa Youlden for managing the teams so well.
Joel Martin, Manager of Team Wild Dog noted the following points:
The constant “Practice Safety Cars” on Saturday made it nearly impossible to get consistent lap times.
Mark Revitt-Mills’ one penalty lap was earned by a time of 2:02.999. His designated time was 2:03. Ten bonus laps blown by a split second, bummer!
The fellas talking about the removed foot bridge at the end of the front straight:
Mark Revitt Mills: It’s a bit strange not having the bridge at the end of the straight this year.
Paul Zsidy: That’s why the track feels longer this year.
Phil Finger: Yeah?
Paul: It’s the unabridged version.
(Boom tish!)
“Trophies” for Team Wild Dog:
Best Overall:
1st: Phil Finger 26 bonus laps, 3 penalties.
2nd: Mark Revitt-Mills 20 bonus, 1 penalty
3rd: Ron Brooks 16 Bonus, no penalties
4th David Richards 20 bonus, 4 penalties
5th Paul Zsidy, 5 bonus, 9 penalties
6th Steve Schmidt 23 penalties.
No Penalties: Ron Brooks.
Hard Luck Award: Allan Richards. For not being able to compete this weekend yet still putting in a lot of effort helping out the team.
Most Attractive Grid Girl for Team Wild Dog: (By Default) Luke Buza.
Wooden Spoon: Steve Schmidt. For racking up the most penalty laps.
Not sure if this is worth a mention but I’ll throw it in anyway:
For the weekend I purchased a Rivers TEX waterproof Jacket. It worked really well. I even proved it by putting the sleeve under a running tap and watched the water slide like it was off a duck’s back! Highly recommended and only $70!

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