Pre-’60 run to the GIPPY GOAT – Wednesday 19th Sept.

John & Jan Fowler had set the run up and then John found that he had a funeral to go to, so I got the phone call and a promotion to trip leader.

A small group gathered at the Darnum Stump Tea Rooms for the briefing and after recording names and vehicles the following members took part in the pre-1960?s run. Les and Julia Hurst in their MGTD, Rob and Grace Smith in their MGTD, John Weymouth and Bob Murphy in John?s Sunbeam Alpine, Kevin Perry and Gus in Kevin?s Saab. With me (Gus) navigating for Kevin, we became the lead vehicle. Jan Fowler had brought the maps and was invited to ride with Les Hurst in the TD as his wife Julia was to meet us at the Gippy Goat.

We headed north along Darnum-Shady Creek Rd and then west following various roads to Bloomfield Rd and then south crossing the Highway and moving west again until meeting Korumburra-Warragul Rd where we headed south again. The day was sunny with a cool wind, pace was kept to around 80 or less and the scenery was beautiful. We eventually waggled our way along Hazeldean Rd to end up at the Gippy Goat. A hurried group shot was taken as Rob was keen to get inside (must have been craving for the food).

All of them said the journey was at a good pace and everyone enjoyed the scenic route. When Jan was asked how the trip in the TD was, the response was, ?Better than the MX5?. (Hmmmm)

Thanks to John & Jan Fowler for organising the run.

Report and photos by Gus Luke.

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