With clear messages requesting that we stay at home whilst this pandemic threatens the health of our nation, changes are occurring to way we live our lives. The Cafe Society is dead, social drives are out, motorsport is now pitifully enacted on play-stations and road trips banned. But we still have our sheds!

Your correspondent’s latest project was making a new Woodruff Key for the crankshaft and flywheel of an ancient Bolens ride-on mower, but much more interesting projects are happening behind the roller doors of our members’ sheds. With all this work going on there should be no excuses for getting involved in the Club’s activities when the restrictions are lifted.

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6 Responses to PROJECT SHARING

  1. John Fowler says:

    Well done again Steve.
    Some great Cars and other fascinating projects out there.
    Great to see folks.

  2. lorna chapman says:

    When this Virus is over everybody will have perfect cars on the track and everyday drive

  3. Jack Armour says:

    Great stuff again Steve. Another Sunday to look forward to.

  4. Malcolm Irwin says:

    Fantastic Steve, thanks for compiling so everyone can enjoy.
    It is great to see all these very interesting ?works? in progress.
    Must say the fuel economy of the Rex has improved dramatically this month.
    It is now about 2 litre/month and all while 98 is 118.9/litre!!!

  5. Glenn Campbell says:

    Well done, another great idea to showcase the amazing projects being undertaken by our members.
    Not sure about polishing the catalytic converter though!

  6. Jenny Honey says:

    Well done again Steve. Like the sound of a Woodruff Key ………. Humour of WRX AVG 440 and that spotless BMW Z4 having air filter element done – well all pics really – worth viewing.

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