SANDOWN HISTORIC RACE MEETING, 8th & 9th November 2014

At the Sandown Historic meeting you don’t have to watch the races all day to be entertained. I ended up with sore feet from hours spent checking out the pits and display paddocks.
Here’s a few photos, note the bottle of Italian red standard issue in the engine bay of the Alfa Montreal ( some designers have a sense of humour!)

Words and pictures by Mike Whitford

Editor – A couple of our club members were competing at this event in their Group Sb sports cars. Glenn Campbell (red Alfetta) didn’t have the best of weekends with gear linkage problems making second and forth gears almost impossible to select at speed. Some tinkering by Alfa mechanics managed to improve the issue before the final race, so at least he had a bit of fun making his way forward from the back of the grid. David Anderson (red MGB) wasn’t so lucky, his car retired with serious engine problems after apparently breaking a con-rod on Sunday’s warm-up lap.

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