Sunday 9th Feb. BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD

It was a hot 30C at 8am and rising fast as I motored down into Warragul, not expecting a big turnout because of the continuing heat wave and extreme fire danger forecast. That situation didn’t seem to deter too many however, with almost a full car park greeting me upon arrival. As usual we had several keen members traveling down from Melbourne, others from the Latrobe Valley and a few from the other side of the Strzeleckis. As well as the regular cast of interesting and stunning vehicles, there were a few motorcycles as well as some previously unseen classics and sporting cars that made their debut appearance this weekend. It seemed as if our Mustang owners collaborated to bring all their cars along to this event, putting on a display that would please any pony car fancier. There was plenty of other American iron as well including a couple of Corvettes, a huge pillarless 4-door Pontiac, a big-finned Chrysler Saratoga and Neil Fankhauser’s 1935 Dodge.

British and European sports and classic cars were were once again in abundance, the oldest being a 1950’s Riley, the newest a current model Audi TT coupe, with dozens of special and very collectable cars in between. Aussie muscle was represented by a couple of Falcon GTs and Bob Russell’s RT Charger, there were also a couple of Aussie Ford Capris as well as a some lovely examples of early Holden and Valiant family sedans. Our Japanese contingent was small as usual, but included Ian Holdsworth’s turbo RX7, Tony Pisa’s little Diahatsu sports, a Honda S2000 and a couple of MX5’s.

By far the most uninspiring car to grace our gathering this month was a white and blue Toyota Camry, or perhaps it was an Avalon, Police Car (an automatic of course)? that dropped by to check out the crowd. I’m old enough to remember when the Police drove vehicles that enthusiasts could respect – there were Cooper S’s, XU-1 Toranas and even the odd Subaru WRX, now our poor boys and girls in blue (or it might be Gestapo black now) get to drive around in the most mundane of the mundane so that more money can be spent on revenue-earning speed cameras.

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2 Responses to Sunday 9th Feb. BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD

  1. Mike Whitford says:

    The cop car was a Toyota “Sportiva” how can they use the ‘sport’ word in that context !

  2. Steve says:

    Yes Mike, that’s the biggest joke of all !!

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