Seventy one drivers contested the second round of the Victorian Hillclimb Championship which was held on a very hot Sunday on the road-race circuit at the Broadford motorcycle complex, an hour north of Melbourne. To use the venue as a hillclimb cars run in an anticlockwise direction from the start/finish line, dropping down through a tightening right-hander? and a long left-hand loop before beginning the climb up through a series of tight esses to a blind and off-camber left hand turn which leads on to the back straight and finish line. Track length is about 1400 metres and the surface is smooth and well-maintained. Witches Hats (worth 5-second penalties) are placed just off the track on corner apexes and exits to discourage cutting and running wide, but several drivers found them a magnetic attraction.
We had four Sporting Register competitors, Dave Anderson and Jane Vollebregt were driving their respective MGs in the Sports Car category, Fraser Faithfull made a return to the VHC in his Triumph 2.5 sedan and Steve Schmidt? ran his Cooper S in the Historic Touring Car category.
Best times and places are as follows:
Dave Anderson, MGB – First in class (Sports Cars 1601 – 2000cc)??? 50.43 seconds
Jane Vollwbregt, MGBGT – 5th in class (Sports Cars 1601 -2000cc)?? 57.50 seconds
Fraser Faithfull,? Triumph 2.5 PI? – 9th in class (Improved Production over 2001cc)? 61.26 seconds
Steve Schmidt, Morris Cooper S – First in class (Historic Touring Cars up to 2000cc)? 52.56 seconds
Six runs were on offer during the day, but many drivers packed up early to avoid the heat.

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