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Two 16” tyres. Currently fitted 6.00×16 cross ply, but 6.50 or 7.00” would be OK .  205R16 radials have been used on my rims, but are a bit wide. 185R16 or 195R16 would be OK. Half worn in good condition would be ok, but not old and cracked thanks.

Philip Finger  Mob 0412 671395

Holden Stuff.
There is a complete 149 Holden motor plus front suspension and rear suspension from an FB Holden at Noojee that is free for anyone to pickup.
It is part of a deceased estate clean-up, with the property sold and all about to go to the tip within about a week if not removed.
I have the address etc to pass on to anyone who may be interested.
My email or 0400 278 375   John Fowler
Mercedes SLK 320
Lots of people say they are selling a car which is immaculate.
This car however, is in excellent condition, and you will be proud to own it.
Always garaged, lots of service history. 82 thousand km.
Special plates negotiable.
Contact Ian 0428 516 138

Jaguar X Type 2.1 litre
 Front wheel drive.
I get positive comments about this car frequently.
Service records. All in very good nick.
Comfortable and easy to drive.
117 thousand km.
Special plates negotiable
Contact Ian 0428 516 138


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