GCC’s Bryant Park

  The GIPPSLAND CAR CLUB?S BRYANT PARK is arguably the finest permanent hillclimb venue inAustralia. The 1400-metre circuit can be used in a variety of configuations and has hosted three Australian Hillclimb Championships since its construction in 2008. The venue includes a modern clubroom, competitor garages, scrutiny bay, sealed competitor car park , trailer park and several spectator areas.
(See below for directions to the venue)

BP Panorama

Bryant Park hillclimb

 The Edition 5 of  TARMAC magazine  featured a 3 car shootout comparison between the latest  Subaru Impreza STi, Falcon FPV F6 and Commodore W427 at Bryant Park. The star of the show was the venue . Printed below are some snippets from the magazine, courtesy of the editor Dean Evans. www.tarmac-mag.com.au
A LAP OF HAUNTED HILLSThe fast way around the scary track.Starting on a crest and turn, all three get to 80km/h by turn 1, but the STi holds a higher speedover the kerbs and the blind crest. Downhill and through the sweeping right-hander, all three are the same, but it?s through the tricky high-speed braking, turning and balancing section of 2 that shows the stability of all-wheel drive over rear-wheel drive.     Over the blind turning crest into Oh-Shit corner is where there?s a huge difference. The STi is full throttle and is stable, while the HSV/FPV both need a feather the throttle to avoid spinning up the rears as they get light. All three have a remarkably similar braking curve, but through the right-left-right the STi uses kerb-cutting to its advantage with a higher speed and faster exit, even though the Aussies are quickly up to speed hitting a higher peak at 3 with the HSV at 94km/h vs the STi?s 88km/h.      Downhill through 4, the STi suffers from understeer hence its slower speed, and while it punches out harder, the grunt of the FPV and HSV overtake it down the back straight.    The HSV squeezes out 6km/h more than the STi here, in just 150 metres, before the final esses, which have large kerbs, camber and constant radii. Similar apex speeds show an even level of mechanical grip, but the W427 shows how much grunt it has with high spikes between the corners.    Interstingly, note at 6 on the speed trace where the STi finishes earlier ? this is a sign that it?s literally shortened the track by cutting the kerbs ? 20 metres ? proving that AWD has an advantage not just for grip, but for distance!   With at least three tricky areas, blind crests with turns and hard braking, it?s all over in 60 seconds, but also one of those addictive tracks where there are always places to make up time. Look up the calendar and book yourself into an event at Bryant Park, Hunted Hills.BP trace   
Park hillclimb circuit from the seat of a 1968 Fiat 124 Coupe.
Edited highlghts of the Inaugural event at Bryant Park on July 6th 2008.

 BRYANT PARK is located in the Haunted Hills,Bill Schultz Drive,Newborough,Victoria. About 135km east  of Melbourne just off the Prince?s Highway.
For route directions see below map:

Directions to the Hillclimb Track at ?Bryant Park? in the Haunted Hills.
The best way to get to the place if you are coming from the west (Melbourne!!) is to take the Newborough exit from the freeway, turn right at the traffic lights, then after 50m turn left beside Gilmour Motors at the three way turn off (into Monash Road), proceed through Newborough Village (service station on the right), straight on through the roundabout and turn up the next road on the right –  Coach Road, (Yallourn Tabaret/Bowling Club is on the left as you turn), then up the hill (quite steep) to Bill Schulz Drive (top of the hill), turn right (take care at this intersection), and you will see the track in front of you on the left. The competitor?s entrance is the first one, and the spectator?s car-park is the next one.
If you come through Moe, exit along Narracan Drive (beside the raiway line) and just past the BP Fuel station (on the right), you go straight through the traffic lights (with the Freeway entrances up on the right), for 50m and then turn left at Gilmour Motors, and follow the directions as above.
If coming from an easterly direction (Lakes Entrance!!), depart the freeway at the Yallourn North overpass, proceed along and take the first turn to the right into De Campo Drive, then first left into Coach Road (very steep hill), then take the first left after you have reached the top into Bill Schulz Drive (take care a this intersection as it is tighter than the proverbial right angle from this direction).
When leaving, do the reverse ? avoid taking a trailer to theHaunted Hills Road/Bill Schulz Drive at all costs.
If you are towing a trailer to the event with your competition car on board,use Coach Road as your approach road rather than the Haunted Hills Road – the intersection of Haunted Hills Road and Bill Schulz Drive is diabolical, and is certainly not trailer friendly, particularly if you are coming from the east.
Also on Open Competition events and GCC events, because of the huge costs involved in developing this new Hillclimb, the GCC Committee has put a charge on all spectators entering the Hillclimb. (This will not apply to outside hirers of course). These fees will help to develop the facillities in this huge area, because there is still alot to be done. The fees are $5.00 per person or $10 per car if there are two or more people in the car.

Oops !!     HILLCLIMBING can be unpredictable at times !!


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