The Gippsland Sporting and Classic Car Register is an independent car club catering for the needs of owners and enthusiasts of Sporting and Classic Cars who reside in Gippsland. A wide variety of events are organised for members and their partners throughout the year.

The GSCCR is affiliated with the Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC) and recognised by VicRoads for the purpose of administering the Club Permit Scheme for members?  Sporting and Classic vehicles over 25 years old (conditions apply – see Club Permits page).

 We do not provide access to the Club Permit Scheme for commercial types of vehicles, four-wheel-drives, trucks or motorcycles unless the owner  has a sporting or acceptable classic car already on the scheme through our Club.

GSCCR Membership  Fee structure:

$40 per annum (family of 2 persons)  runs for a calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31). and includes emailed copies of the monthly magazine IDLE CHATTER.


More information is available on the ?ABOUT US? page of this website.

Click on the following link for a copy of the Membership Application form:

2023 Membership Application

2 Responses to Membership

  1. We have been coming to the Sunday mornings for so long with different cars we have decided we should join and be a proper part of the club.

  2. Ian and Carol Mallows says:

    Good on you Peter and Pam, we look forward to catching up on future outings.

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