Club Permit Scheme (VicRoads)

The GSCCR Club Permit Scheme


CPS Application process

One of the benefits of being a active and current financial member of The Gippsland Sporting and Classic Car Register is that it allows access to the VicRoads CPS Registration Scheme.

The following simple steps outline the non-negotiable process that must be followed by our membership to get authority from the Authorized CPS Officers when applying for a new CPS permit.

The following steps must be strictly followed.

1. Once you have become a financial member of The Gippsland Sporting and Classic Car Register and checked with a CPS Officer that your vehicle is deemed eligible to be registered on the CPS Scheme under our Club’s criteria, had four attendances verified on you Pre-approval Form, you are then eligible to apply for a CPS Registration.
Under no circumstances will a CPS Applications be approved when submitted together with a Membership application.

2. Email 6 photos of the vehicle ? front, back, left side, driving position, engine no. and chassis no. to

3. Only AFTER completing the Pre- Approval application form (see below) and receiving back a signed authorisation from the CPS Officer should you proceed to obtaining a current Roadworthy Certificate.
The CPS Officers are not responsible for your Roadworthy Certificate expiring prior to your Pre Approval form being completed.
Be sure to get your Pre- Approval application form signed before obtaining your Roadworthy Certificate.

4. Post the following four items to
GSCCR, CPS Officer, PO Box 43.  Warragul  3820.

i. Completed VicRoads Application form
ii. VicRoads Club Permit Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration
(Both forms are available from VicRoads or below ? scroll to bottom of page)
iii. Road Worthy Certificate
iv. Stamped, self-addressed envelope

5. The paperwork will be returned to you in the envelope supplied. Take it to VicRoads to pay your permit fee and receive your plates.

6. Inform the Club?s CPS Officer of the vehicle?s new registration plate number within 48 hours of issue.


Click on the link below to see the changes to the Club Permit Scheme introduced by VicRoads effective from Jan 31st 2015


As a result of recent changes by VicRoads to the CPS Registration application requirements, the Gippsland Sporting & Classic Car Register needs to undertake new procedures to comply with the new regulations.
Therefore, as of 14 March 2015 All NEW CPS vehicle applications will need to include dated digital photographs, as listed below, before any applications can be signed off by any of our Club?s authorised CPS Officers.
The dated photographs must include images of the vehicle?s Front end, Driver’s side, Rear end, Driving position (side on with the driver’s door open) and, where possible, any photographs which identify the chassis number and engine number.

Also, the CPS Registration Number MUST be provided to the CPS Officers within 30 days of CPS Registration being issued by VicRoads.

Part of The GS&CCR responsibilities detailed in the new regulations are detailed below.

  1. Maintain a register of club permit holders and club permit vehicles operated by club members.

    Clubs are required to provide a current copy of their register within 14 days of receipt of a written request from VicRoads. Additionally, clubs may be requested to cross-check their register against records provided by VicRoads to identify any discrepancies.

  2. Maintain a register of dated photographs for all vehicles for which an initial club permit is sought.

    Dated photographs must include images of the front, driver’s side, rear, driving position (side on with the driver’s door open) and, where possible, any identifiers such as chassis number and engine number. Clubs are required to provide photographs to VicRoads within seven days of receipt of a written request from VicRoads.

  3. Provide endorsement of club permit applications.

    Club endorsement declares the following to be true and correct:
    ? The permit applicant is a current financial member of the above club
    ? The vehicle is an eligible vehicle within the meaning of regulation 152 of the Road

    Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009

    ? The vehicle meets the vehicle standards as declared on the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form provided with the club permit application

    ? The items listed on the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form (for example, certificate of roadworthiness etc.) under the indicated eligible vehicle category are provided in accordance with the declaration.

    ? The club is in possession of photographs of the vehicle.


?Briefly, we offer the Club Permit Scheme (CPS) to the eligible cars of our members in return for their active support and attendance at our events/activities and the promotion of our Club.?

This 45 or 90 day Log Book Club Permit Scheme places great responsibility onto the owner and the Clubs for ensuring that the vehicles operating under the Scheme are maintained in a roadworthy condition, and used according to the Permit conditions.

A Club Permit is not a Registration, but a permit for restricted use, and only available whilst the owner?s Club membership is current.

Vehicles submitted for a GSCCR Club Permit must be 25 years old, must reflect that it is a Sporting or Classic car, be sympathetic to the Club?s ethos of promoting interest in sporting and classic cars, be well presented, and reflect that the owner is an enthusiast.

CPS Obligations

As with most benefits, there come obligations. Not only do you need to abide by the Scheme, but the Club is required by Vicroads to ?monitor? both your ?paperwork & driving?, and your cars on-going ?compliance?. This is achieved by observing the car at our events. Hence the need for you to attend events, and this is also the way we promote our wonderful club to the public, and where we all get the chance to enjoy each others? Classic or Sporting car up close.

The Authority to Offer the Club Permit Scheme

To initially be able to offer, and to continue to be able to offer Club Permits, Vicroads required us to provide (in their words) ?Confirmation of intention to control member?s behaviour arising from the use of vehicles subject to a Club Permit ? particularly any proposed use outside permit conditions?.

As well, our ?By-Laws need to contain provisions to allow for control of abuse of the Club Permit, for example: – suspension of the member; fining of the member; expulsion of the member; notification of abuse and/or expulsion of the member to Vicroads.?

In an extreme case where a member abuses the CPS, not only will they face large penalties under the Law, but the Club could be stripped of its ?right? to be part of the CPS, and all members would cease to be able to drive their vehicles on the CPS with this Club.

Hence all members need to do the ?right thing? and make sure others do the ?right thing?, and abide by the Vicroads Permit conditions.

Our Clubs continued ability to offer Club Permits depends on You!

The CPS Pre-Approval Process

Owners of Sports and Classic Cars within the GSCCR are eligible to apply for Club Permits once Pre-Approval has been granted. Read the Pre-Approval form fully to ensure you can comply, and discuss the vehicle or requirements with the CPS officer or a committee member if you are unsure.

New financial members of the GSCCR who are contemplating placing one or more classic vehicles onto the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme, will need to meet and complete the Pre-Application criteria which also requires attendance at 4 Club activities where they introduce themselves to Committee Members and have the Pre-Application document signed.

Our Pre-approval Process means that potential CPS members are stimulated to attend events to get signed off. This in turn means they meet other members and their cars, and hopefully then feel ?more at home? with the general club membership before they become part of our CPS. We trust that this will then encourage them further to attend more events in the future, as they should feel more comfortable within the membership.

Pre-existing, active Club members are exempt from the requirement of 4 signatures for their Sporting or Classic Car, although that completed Pre-Approval form and the 4 photographs are still required.

Obtaining the Permit (vehicles built after 1948)

After the vehicle has been accepted by the GSCCR through the Club Permit Scheme Officer at the Pre-Approval Stage, the member has a number of things to do.

The member must then obtain a current Victorian Roadworthy Certificate from any Licensed Tester. The member must then send the following 4 things to our Club Permit Officer to have them signed, stamped and returned.


1. Your Roadworthy certificate

2. Your completed and signed VicRoads Club Permit Application form and VicRoads Club Permit Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration which are available from any VicRoads office or their website or from the links you’ll find at the bottom of this page? you can choose either 45 or 90 days use by ticking the appropriate box at the top right of that form.

3. Six dated photographs showing the vehicle: front, back, left side, driving position, engine no. and chassis no.

4. A stamped, self-addressed envelope, to

The CPS Officer. GSCCR. P.O.Box 43 Warragul. Vic. 3820

If requested, documents can be checked and signed whilst at an event, function or meeting.

Only when signed and stamped by the Club can the documents be presented to VicRoads for payment.

(Note: VicRoads does not need to see the vehicle.)

Obtaining the Permit (vehicles built before 1949)

Same as above except that instead of a Road Worthy Certificate, a Safety Check Certificate from either Peter Philips Motors (Latrobe St. Warragul), or Craig O’Connell’s Tyre Service (Moore St. Moe) can be substituted.

Download Copies of these Safety Check documents by clicking on the links below:

CPS Vehicle Checklist Phillips

CPS Vehicle Checklist O’Connell


Log Books

  1. Remember to fully fill out your Logbook each day before you drive away. It is illegal to drive with it not filled out. The info you list in the ?Particulars of Use? section need only be of a general destination or nature, but it must be completed.  When you have finished any drive, make sure you leave it on the seat or on the dashboard to remind you to fill it out before you leave next time. The penalty is a $650+ fine for an incomplete Logbook.
  2. If you are away on a multi-day tour, you must fill out the line fully each day.
  3. Make sure VicRoads stamps the Logbook stickers upon Payment/Renewal as proof of payment. Attach the receipt to the back of the Logbook as further proof.
  4. When you pay VicRoads for your Permit, you must not only place the new sticker on the windscreen, but you must also place the other sticker section into your Logbook.  Otherwise there is nothing to link the Logbook to your particular car.
  5. Should you need to advise VicRoads about the need to change your permit days from 90 back to 45, or from 45 up to 90, advise them in writing at least 2 months before your Renewal is due.

If you decide to change it at the time of payment, VicRoads usually sends you away with a new form to be signed by the Club Permit Officer before they will accept your payment and stamp your Permit.

Attendance at Events

Attendance at events is a major way of supporting the club and promoting it to the public, and is the main way we can see that the car maintains the standards as listed for holding a Club Permit within the GSCCR.

CPS Renewal Reminder

VicRoads usually sends out their Renewals to you about a month before it is due. Check the due date when you receive it. Do not forget it! Remember that you MUST get the Renewal signed by a GSCCR designated CPS officer, before you take it to VicRoads for payment ? or they will send you away!

The reason that VicRoads demands that the Clubs sign it, is that they need to know that the person is still a paid up Club member (which we check before signing), as it is a Permit only available through that Club.

Renewal Problems

Remember you must check your CPS Renewal Date on your windscreen sticker to see when your Permit Renewal is due, as VicRoads is not always sending out Renewals in time ? or at all.

The CPS Renewals has been ?contracted out?, and they now arrive a maximum of 4 weeks before the due date (previously 6 weeks).  Contact VicRoads if you have not received this renewal by 2 weeks before the due date.

Further problems can occur if you change your Permit from 90 days to 45 days (or vice versa) when it was last paid. If this occurs, a VicRoads stamped Logbook &/or receipt will be the proof you need.

After you get your Renewal, you need to allow time to get it off for signing and then back to you (in your self-addressed envelope) before your CPS expires.

There have been cases where expired CPS cars have been denied renewals and made to get a Roadworthy and re-apply all over again ? even if they say they did not get the renewal ? so be aware!

Renewal Process

Send the following to our Club Permit Officer to have them signed and returned, prior to presenting the documentation and payment to Vic Roads.


1. Your completed and signed VicRoads CPS Renewal Form

2. A stamped, self-addressed envelope, to

The CPS Officer. GSCCR. P.O.Box 43 Warragul. Viv. 3820

If requested, documents can be checked and signed whilst at an event, function or meeting.

 Late Payment of Fees.

VicRoads has a ?zero-tolerance? approach to the late payment of CPS (Club Permit Scheme) annual fees. This means that if you are late paying your ?Registration? fee, your CPS could be immediately cancelled and your Vehicle is unable to be driven on the road.

Therefore you then have to get another roadworthy check, do all the paperwork again, and then re-apply at VicRoads for the CPS for your vehicle. A real ?hassle? to be avoided, so allow time for your documents to be signed, returned to you, and then get it to VicRoads and pay before time.

Annual Membership & CPS

At the end of any Calendar Year, remember that in order to be able to legally drive your CPS vehicle on the road in the next year – from New Years Day onwards, your (GSCCR) Membership must have been paid, otherwise your Permit is null and void and you will face huge VicRoads Penalties!

Advising of Change of Address

The CPS Database is now controlled by outside contractors, and so if you advise VicRoads of your change of address for your licence and fully registered cars, this is not passed on to the CPS group. You need to advise VicRoads (in writing would seem the best) to pass your address changes on to the CPS database group as well.

CPS Transfers


a)        From Another Club to the GSCCR by the same owner & member. This needs an official letter from the GSCCR to VicRoads, stating that the CPS owner is a paid up member of the club and listing the details of the owner and car. Both the owner and CPS officer need to sign this document before submitting it to VicRoads requesting the change. The Permit Number remains the same. Note that members still have to meet all of the GSCCR?s requirements in order to be part of the scheme.

b)      From an Owner in Another Club to a member in the GSCCR : Upon meeting the GSCCR?s requirements, Vicroads requires a Roadworthy together with all the Club Documents, Plus the Vicroads Club Permit Application Form. Upon payment of the VicRoads fees, a new Club Permit Windscreen sticker, a new Logbook and new Number Plates will be issued.

c)      From and To Members of the Same Club (GSCCR): All as above, except the new owner has the option ? but only if you request it ? to retain the existing CPS Number Plates of the car, otherwise new Number Plates will be issued along with the new logbook and stickers.

Note that in both cases above, there will be no refund given to the old owner for any unused days/time left on the old Permit (unlike a normal Full Registration situation).

Retiring or Sale of your CPS Vehicle

If either of these occurs, you must advise the CPS Officer so that the Club Permit List can be changed. This list is kept for Club use, and for when VicRoads asks for information.

What Car Modifications Are Acceptable?

Smaller modifications are often acceptable within the CPS and our Club ? particularly where safety and ease of driving are concerned, as long as the basic structure of the vehicle and its dynamics are unchanged.

Remember that the over-riding factor is that the basic integrity of the vehicle should be unchanged, so that safety is not compromised.

Any chassis changes or other radical changes make the vehicle ineligible for the Club Permit Scheme. A new ‘Modified Vehicle Permit System’ has been introduced by VicRoads in January 2015 – please visit the VicRoads website for details.

The GSCCR Committee reserves the right to allow or disallow a modified vehicle onto our CPS, so please contact the committee to discuss any proposed mods before they are carried out, or before you purchase a modified vehicle. Your supplied Pre-Approval photographs should show these modifications.

Questionable ?mods? could void your Insurance, and make things very difficult between VicRoads and the GSCCR (& yourself) if that illegally modified vehicle should ever be involved in an accident.

Overuse/ Illegal use

Some cars have been photographed at events or down the street, and then been visited by the Police the next day or so, and asked to present their Logbook for checking. The penalty is a $650+ fine for an incomplete Logbook.

It has been noted that some CPS vehicles (from another club) have been seen out and about very regularly, and we hope the Logbook has been filled out each time. If not, VicRoads will make sure we all suffer in the future for this abuse.

If you suspect someone of flaunting these rules, you should have a word to them (or the Police) as it will ultimately affect us all with the possibly of more restrictive rules imposed. The last thing we want is for Clubs to be made to check Logbooks at each event, or get even worse restrictions.

Annual Records Check

In late November / early December each year, the CPS Officer writes to the CPS section of VicRoads requesting a list of all the CPS vehicles attached to the GSCCR. This list is then compared to our records to check for abnormalities, and the owners notified of possible/actual problems.


Pre-Approval form

Club_permit_application VicRoads

Club Permit Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration


The AOMC (Association of Motoring Clubs) is, along with VicRoads, the governing body for the CLUB PERMIT SCHEME. All clubs administering the scheme must be  members of the AOMC. Delegates from member clubs meet regularly with the AOMC to discuss issues related to the Club Permit Scheme and classic cars in general.

The AOMC website can be located at: