Ian Holdsworth Funeral – Tuesday 23rd June

Ian was laid to rest today at Warragul’s Gulwarra Heights Memorial Park following a service at Neilson’s Funerals and a drive-through Guard of Honour made up of our members’ sports and classic cars in Anderson St Warragul.

Attendance at the service was limited by Covid-19 restrictions, but it was ‘live-streamed’ on the Internet and may be viewed by opening the link below: https://livestream.com/funerallivestreamingaustralia/ianholdsworthfuneralservice

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MID-WEEK RUN Mk.II – Yarragon June 18th

On Thursday 18th about 24 members, friends and guests gathered at the Stump Tea Rooms for delicious scones and coffee prior to the June Mid-Week Run Mk.II. John and Jan graciously offered to run this repeat event to satisfy our hunger to get our classic and sporting cars out after three months of lock-down. 

Around 13 or 14 cars took part in the run, with a great variety including, but not limited to, BMW, Benz, Datsun, Jag and a ‘Mighty Boy’. Most noticeable on this run were the four MUSTANGS – with one classic, one mid classic and two moderns – Great Effort!! 

With John’s briefing complete, we set off in glorious Gippsland winter sun-shine. I didn’t notice any tops down though (the Audi and Capri were roofless! JF) as it was still only about 10 degrees. Some of us would probably be in Queensland or somewhere further north at this time of the year, but no one else wants us Victorians, so lets’ enjoy home.

Finding new roads to enjoy with our marvelous scenery must prove difficult for John, but once again he found another way around – venturing south to Bona Vista along Bull Swamp road to Lardners Track and into the hills up to Tetoora Road, then back down into Hazeldean Rd, through Ellinbank and almost into Yarragon. Here the group turned south onto the Yarragon-Leongatha Rd.

Unfortunately, this is where your correspondents had to retire, due to driving too close to the broken edge of the road and destroying our left-hand front Pirelli. Fortunately, I had obtained a full size spare and was able to swap over, and continue on to Fozigobbles for lunch with the group.

(Notes from JF follows:) At the Yarragon-Leongatha Rd the remaining group wound its way up about 6 km into the hills with great views off down to our right and behind us. When we got to a sharp left turn marked with Yellow arrows, we had a very sharp left turn up into the Allambee-Childers Rd for a km or two, and then at a T-intersection we turned left and south onto the Old Yarragon-Leongatha Rd. This was a delightful downhill run into Yarragon with some wonderful views that we could all admire in front of us and off to the right.

In Yarragon we had a great meal with great company as we wound up our Thursday run at Fozigobbles Cafe.

Many thanks again to John and Jan for a most pleasant day.

Merv Swingler. Photos by John Fowler and Steve Schmidt

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MID-WEEK RUN – Yarragon, July 10

Tuesday evening, I gave the XJ40 Sovereign a wash and clean for the next day, and my  first Mid-week run after 10yrs of membership.

Waking up having a quick coffee and toast I prepared the Sovereign and warmed it up for my Lady and to be warm, with 1 degree outside temperatures. We ventured to the Darnum Stump Café as per the John Fowler directions. Jan Fowler had some pressing engagements at home with Babysitting and the Vet coming to a sick cow.  After several members turned up, we found ourselves renewing a long-time friendship with Les and Julie Hurst in their Magnificent MG TD. We did several bicycles rides many years ago with them, especially remembering the one I organized in Ireland, Austria, Hungary, (along the Danube} and the Burgundy area of France.

After a Latte, John gave us the route address outside and handed out maps, but main instructions were to stay in contact forward and back with fellow travellers. We pulled out of the car park and stopped in front of another member waiting for the procession finding out we were facing the wrong way? After we corrected that, we found our way at the rear of the convoy which was Ok as I did not take in all the specific directions from John. Les and Julie Hurst decided to go straight to Yarragon as Les felt it would be a strain on car and driver to stay in touch with the group. We had 14 cars in the convoy of many varying makes, Sprite, MG. Porsche, Mini, BMW, Mazda MX5, Ford Capri, Austin Healey, Jaguar, etc, including a #42 Mini we went past several times along the route.

We started toward East West road and via the Bona Vista Primary School and Bull Swap to Lardners Track and then south into the hills to Tetoora Rd. Then back north towards Warragul and a right-turn into Hazeldean Rd and almost into Yarragon. Here we turned south onto the Yarragon-Leongatha Rd, winding our way up into the hills with great views off down to our right and behind us (if we were brave enough to look back!). When we got to a sharp left turn, we entered the Allambee-Childers Rd for a short time, before we then turned left and south onto the Old Yarragon-Leongatha Rd.  This was all downhill to Yarragon with some wonderful views that we could all admire in front of us and off to the right.

We drove along some magnificent roads and passed lush green paddocks through our beautiful Gippsland, which reminded us how lucky we were to reside in this area. We all arrived on time after our wonderful 65.3km drive at Fozigobble Café in Yarragon. We enjoyed a quiche (etc) and coffee with fellow members for a wonderful social lunch.

Looking forward to attending future events when the environment improves. Thanks to John and Jan for their work and dedication to the Club and their Mid-Week Runs. Looking forward to the next outing.


 Stan Hodgson and Marita Kirwin.

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Still under lockdown resrictions and thus spending more time in the shed. Here’s a peek into what our members’ sheds and collections of car-related ephemera include.


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With clear messages requesting that we stay at home whilst this pandemic threatens the health of our nation, changes are occurring to way we live our lives. The Cafe Society is dead, social drives are out, motorsport is now pitifully enacted on play-stations and road trips banned. But we still have our sheds!

Your correspondent’s latest project was making a new Woodruff Key for the crankshaft and flywheel of an ancient Bolens ride-on mower, but much more interesting projects are happening behind the roller doors of our members’ sheds. With all this work going on there should be no excuses for getting involved in the Club’s activities when the restrictions are lifted.

If you would like to comment on the photos below, please use the LEAVE A REPLY Comment Box at the bottom of the page.

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The fact that restrictions on non-essential travel are forcing many sports and classic cars into hibernation does not mean that we miss out entirely on our monthly Breakfast Club gathering. Thanks to Internet technology we have assembled here well in excess of 150 of our members’ vehicles in lockdown. I also believe that many of these vehicles are making their Breakfast Club debut – there are too many to comment on each one, but a few of note are Ed Denovan’s recently acquired, red V6 Alfa 33 which is the sedan version of the Alfetta GTV with its V6 engine up front and transaxle at the rear. Paul Montagnat has brought himself a yellow Mk.VII Bolwell which runs the Holden 186ci red motor, and Rob Nolan has just fitted red plates to his white Mercedes SL500. Also sporting a new set of red plates is Pete Evans’ AC Cobra replica – all dressed up with nowhere to go! I am also taking this opportunity to welcome our first international Breakfast Club participant, Greg Noller. Greg and his wife Jane were members of our club several years ago before they moved to New Zealand. Greg still keeps in touch and has sent in a shot of his white MGA enduring lockdown near Christchurch.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you are doing more mileage on your ride-on lawn mower than in the sports cars, but fuel economy of these cars is now approaching 4 weeks per litre, so it’s not all bad. Club Permit cars are still able to be driven in compliance with the travel restrictions, so your correspondent’s Marcos was given a run into town last week, taking advantage of the offer of a free flu shot for citizens of advancing age. In the clinic’s car park I was greeted by the receptionist with paperwork to fill out, then a doctor and nurse in full personal-protective gear appeared and asked me to hop back in the car so that they could administer the shot whilst I reclined in the very low driver’s seat – I guess it’s less distance to fall in case I fainted ! They had to kneel down to reach my arm, but both found the experience quite amusing.  The Z4 Bimmer was feeling annoyed at having a much-anticipated, 4-day Snowy Mountain run cancelled at the last minute by tighter travel restrictions, so to keep it alive, it was requisitioned recently for shopping duties. The Z4 however, is not an ideal vehicle for such tasks – with the folding hardtop retracted into the boot there’s only room for three shopping bags on the passenger seat and footwell, luckily, I was flying solo!

I hope you enjoy perusing the shots in the attached galleries. I thank all those who made the effort to send photographs in. Club members who sent in multiple shots of their collection will find all their cars grouped together. Apart from the last four shots in the final gallery, each of which arrived well after the deadline, the photos are arranged roughly in alphabetical order by the owner’s given name – unless your name is Robert and you are called Bob!

 Please take the opportunity to comment on this post or any of the individual photographs through the REPLY BOX at the bottom of the page. If you have not commented on a post before, your response may not appear on the screen instantaneously – it has to go through moderation before being accepted. Once accepted, all your future comments will bypass moderation and be posted on the screen instantly.

Stay sane out there,


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