?BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul ? Sunday 13th December

The Sporting Register?s final event for 2015 was blessed with perfect weather and a huge turnout of enthusiasts with their special vehicles. At 7:50am, when your correspondent rolled up in his Fiat Spider, the southern section of Woolworths? car park was almost full, those arriving after the scheduled starting time of 8am began filling the rest of the carpark and it wasn?t long until more than 100 vehicles had assembled ? what a site it made!
There was a healthy group of 1920?s vintage cars including a pair of Austin Sevens and another group all parked together consisting of a T-model Ford, Mark McKibbin?s Lancia Lambda and a Bayliss Thomas. Next to them, and in stark contrast, were three 1960?s Mustang pony cars including the rather menacing-looking, black ?65 fastback recently purchased by Steve Trapnell. At this event, there were probably more Mustangs (coupes and convertibles) on display than any other make. Other American muscle cars included a 70?s Camaro and a beautifully restored Plymouth Barracuda making its first appearance at a Breakfast Club gathering. Aussie Muscle was present in the form of a pair of very nice Chargers and Andy Thorp?s XY Falcon GT. For muscle in a velvet glove it was worth having a look at Jim McNiven?s super-charged V8 Jaguar XKR 100, a V12 E-type or even Graham Longmore?s D-type replica. Then of course there was John Althuizan?s Ferrari 328GTS and several high-performance Porsches and Benzes which illustrate the varied European approach to high performance motoring.
On such a fine morning, it was expected that the classic sports car fraternity would be well represented, and no-one was disappointed. There were MGs, Triumphs, Austin Healeys, MX5s Fiat Spiders, a Lotus Elan, Sunbeam Alpine and even a beautifully restored, black Datsun Fairlady making a debut appearance. The mid-engined brigade was represented by Ian Maud?s Toyota MR2 and John Hogbin?s Lancia Monte Carlo. There were a couple of front-drive Ford Capris, some lovely Alfa coupes and several classic Cooper Ss lined up provocatively next to BMW?s more contemporary interpretation of the theme.
Tony Pisa surprised us all by leaving his little Daihatsu Campagnolo at home and turning up in his recently completed and beautifully presented EH Holden Special. This ?64 model family sedan is fitted with period alloy wheels and a straight six that breaths through triple Strombergs just like an XU1 Torana. Seeing a pair of restored EH sedans parked next to each other was a stroke of luck, but next time we?ll need to add Craig O?Connell?s similarly-aged Ford Fairmont, the puce EH wagon and the pale green Valiant to fully represent family motoring of that era.
This month?s gathering must have been one of largest and most diverse collections of vehicles we?ve ever had at our regular Breakfast Club events and it was tremendous to see considerable interest from the general public, many of whom took a break from their pre-Christmas shopping to admire the cars on display.

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Some more photos from Malcolm Irwin.

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  1. John Cobbledick says:

    This would have to be the most successful Breakfast we have ever had ,the number of cars , and the diversity of makes and categories, From ,Modern , Classic , vintage , veteran and historic . We had them all . Think the PONY CLUB FORDS won the day with 16 in attendance . A great gathering .

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