A fine, cool morning with the threat of a possible shower greeted our participants in this year?s Economy Run ? perfect atmospheric conditions for squeezing the maximum potential from each drop of petrol.  Nineteen teams took up the challenge this year, eight in the Classic category and eleven post 1992 ?Moderns?. These categories were further divided into engine capacity classes so that as far as possible, like competed against like.

The route took our participants from Warragul out through Nilma and Bona Vista to the Korrumburra Rd, before turning off at Seaview and following the Grand Ridge Road through Trida to Hallston. They then headed into Leongatha for a quick morning tea. After the break, teams toured through the foothills to Dunbalk before heading south to Meeniyan and Tarwin Lower where they skirted around Andersons Inlet on their way to Inverloch. The total distance was measured at 127km, although it appeared that several teams increased the distance by taking the odd unplanned excursion. There were reports of various driving techniques being used to save fuel. Several teams chose the slow and steady technique, others tried slip-streaming the car in front and some just drove in a more sedate manner then usual ? adding much to the pleasure of their passengers.

Mal and Celia Collins in the 1300cc Mini Deluxe were the best of the Classics with almost 57mpg (conversion to l/100km for those who think metric can be found in the results table at the bottom of this page). Mal?s Mini runs a very tall final drive ratio, 12? wheels and a big single SU carby. He also drives the thing on a feather throttle to achieve these outstanding results. David and Claire Richards came second in the small classics class in their 1100cc Mini Duluxe which runs much more economically since the jetting on the twin SUs has been sorted. Third in class were Allan and Lorraine Richards in the MG Midget which runs a similar engine to Mal?s Mini, but it?s fed by a Weber carby, tuned more for power output than economy.

Ian Maud miscalculated his required average speed and had to throw economy to the wind later in the drive to make the finish by midday. Never-the-less the super-charged MR2 still returned over 44mpg to edge out Ed and Di Denovan?s Alfa 1750 in the mid-sized classic class.

The larger engine classic car class was taken out by Trevor and June Batt in their 3.6 litre XJ6 Jaguar. The Jag returned almost 30mpg to better Geoff and Heather Miller?s 5 litre Mustang that managed 22.4mpg and Bill and Wendy Cropley?s 5.8-Litre Mustang which could only manage 11.4mpg, but was a runaway winner of the highly coveted ?Stone Motherless Last? trophy.

The Modern category was divided into under and over 2.2 litres. With a staggering 70.5mpg, Alan and Marg Humphreys? MINI Cooper won the Under 2.2 litre class as well as achieving the overall best result, but all cars in this class achieved very creditable results. In the Over 2.2 litre class it was a battle of the Boxsters with three similar cars and less than 1.5 litres of fuel separating the three of them. John and Barbara Stoker achieved the best results with almost 41.5mpg. Phil and Judy Barnard were next with 40.22 and then Rod and Lynn McLaughlin on 35.5mpg. A couple of Mercedes V8 coupes rounded out this class with Graeme and Deb Hollingsworth?s SL500 nudging out Kevin Riley?s SL55 ? 27.5mpg to 22.5.  

The event concluded with the announcement of results and presentation of trophies over a picnic lunch by the beach at Inverloch. Apart from a very brief shower whilst most teams were refuelling, the weather remained dry, but overcast.

Thankyou to all participants for their involvement, a pleasing attendance makes organising an event like this all the more worthwhile.


Driver Co-Driver Vehicle  cc MPG L/100k
CLASSICS Pre ’93          
CLASS A     0 -1400cc        
Mal Collins Celia Collins 68 Mini Deluxe 1300 56.90 4.96
David Richards Claire Richards 67 Mini Deluxe 1100 44.82 6.30
Allan Richards Lorraine Richards 68 MG Midget 1310 43.14 6.55
CLASS B    1401 – 3000cc        
Ian Maud   88 Toyota MR2 1600 44.71 6.32
Ed Denovan Di Denovan 71 Alfa 1750 1750 31.57 8.95
CLASS C   Over 3000cc        
Trevor Batt June Batt 86 Jaguar XJ6 3600 29.96 9.43
Geoff Miller Heather Miller 68 Ford Mustang 4900 22.45 12.58
Bill Cropley Wendy Cropley 69 Ford Mustang 5800 11.39 24.79
CLASS D   Up to  2200cc        
Alan Humphreys Marg Humphreys 04 MINI Cooper 1600 70.51 4.01
Mike Whitford Di Whitford 16 Abarth Spyder 1400 51.33 5.50
Graham L?more Marg Longmore 07 MINI Cooper S 1600 46.45 6.08
Paul Montagnat   93 Ford Capri 1600 45.98 6.14
Frank Collumbine Kate Collumbine 03 BMW 320i 2100 36.97 7.64
CLASS E     Over 2200cc        
John Stoker Barbara Stoker 99 Porsche Boxster 2700 41.49 6.81
Phil Barnard Judy Barnard 01 Porsche Boxster 2700 40.22 7.02
Rod McLaughlan Lynn McLaughlan 98 Porsche Boxster 2500 35.50 7.96
Glenn Campbell Pam Campbell 01 Porsche 911 3400 29.96 9.43
Graeme H’worth Deb Hollingsworth 90 Mercedes SL500 5000 27.49 10.28
Kevin Riley   Mercedes SL55 5500 22.57 12.52
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3 Responses to 2017 CENTO MIGLIA CLASSIC CAR ECONOMY RUN ? Sunday 23rd April

  1. Mal Collins says:

    Thanks Steve for organising another great economy run, Thoroughly enjoyed by all and great weather as well.

  2. Alan & Marg Humphreys says:

    Congratulations, Steve, for a great event and the effort you put into both organising it and making the trophies ( I guess its not a coincidence that they seem to be bits of fuel systems?). Cheers, Alan & Marg.

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