BREAKFAST CLUB, September 8th – Warragul CBD

The British motor industry may have collapsed decades ago, but its legacy lives on through the thousands of classic car enthusiasts keeping the various marques alive. At this month?s mammoth Breakfast Club gathering, the British contingent far outnumbered the offerings from any other country, and probably even continent. There were at least 4 Jaguars, 4 Morris Minis, 3 Triumphs, too many MGs to count on my fingers, a couple of Austin Healeys, a Lotus and an Aston Martin. Of these famous brands,?Aston Martin,?Lotus and Jaguar still remain. Aston Martin is the only one still in English hands, the majority share being held by Prodrive? boss David Richards. Lotus is owned by Proton (Malaysia) and Jaguar, after being sold by Ford, is now owned by Tata which is based in Mumbai, India – Sir William Lyons and Colin Chapman must be spinning in their graves!
The rest of Europe provided several Porsches and a few Mercedes, a BMW, a VW Beetle and an Audi ?from Germany; 3 Fiats, a couple of Alfas and John Althuizen?s recently purchased 328GTS Ferrari from Italy; and an Amilcar, a Bugatti and a Peugeot from France.
I think I counted at least 4 Mustangs on display; there was also a Corvette, a beautiful old Chevrolet tourer and a customised Ford Ranchero Ute from the US of A.
The Japanese Classic car scene is slowly growing in support. This month Locky Fowler?s Datsun 240Z (which needed a decent wash) was kept company by a Skyline GTR, an MX5, a couple of Subaru WRXs, an RS Liberty, a Supra and a very rare, but cute little Daihatsu Spider.
There may have been some of our regular Aussie classics hiding around the corner, but Tim Leadbetter?s Purvis Eureka certainly represented the more creative end of the home-grown spectrum.

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