BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 10th March

A very short report this month consisting of information gleaned from a chat with one or two members who were present and the photos sent to me by Graeme Hollingsworth, John Stoker and Stephen Hoole. Your regular correspondent missed this month?s gathering, electing instead to have some sideways Fiat fun on a concrete skidpan at Bayswater. Thank you to those mentioned above for helping fill the void.

The weather in Warragul was cool, but clear and it enticed a good turnout of around 70 vehicles to attend our early morning gathering. Amongst the regulars were a couple of Ferraris, an ever-growing consort of Mustangs and MX5s, and the usual dedicated assemblage of pukka sports cars representing a range of classic British and European manufacturers.

An appearance from members of the Volvo Car Club on a run up to the Gippsland Vehicle Collection at Maffra swelled our numbers for a while, as did a group of classic beach buggies seemingly out of their element without a sand dune in sight. Dennis Cope brought along his immaculate 2-door Datsun 1600 which is now registered on Club plates, and it was nice to see a rare and beautifully restored VW Combi twin-cab ute. I have always thought that one of those would make a perfect transporter for the Cooper S race car! David Anderson rode in from Allambee on his Harley, realising too late that he?d forgotten his gloves and having to put up with frozen hands, but the weather stayed fine, allowing the several other motorcycle riders and the drivers of roofless convertibles to enjoy a dry, but rather fresh drive home.

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