BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 11th March

Perfect top-down weather had the convertibles out in force this month with their numbers boosted in no small manner by a pack of MX5s that stopped by on their club run to Walhalla. The Mazda MX5 is a terrific little sports car and seems to have become the modern equivalent to the previous generation?s MGB. Unlike the MX5, the MGB was available in 4, 6 and 8-cylinder versions and there were three different V8 versions and some 4-cylinder models in healthy numbers also at this month?s gathering. Along with the Mazdas and MGs there were topless Triumph TR3s 4s and 6s, a Fiat 124 Spider, Porsche Boxsters, a Z4 Bimmer, AC Cobra, Saab, Lotus 7, Nissan 350Z, Jaguar XJS, Mercedes SLs and a quartet of motorcylces whose owners were enjoying perfect driving and riding conditions.

It is estimated that somewhere between 80 and 90 vehicles were on display this month. It was good to see John Althuizen?s immaculate Ferrari and several sporty coupes from Alfa, Lancia, Porsche and BMW. Amongst a troupe of Minis, Graeme Longhurst?s classic Cooper S and Marg Longmore?s later iteration made an interesting Cooper S comparison. New member John Boland brought along his Beetle and one very tidy Datsun 1000 made its debut appearance this month along with Ray Youlden’s brand-spanking-new Limited Edition Focus RS. There were several older vehicles including a Darracq and Mark McKibbin?s lengthy Lancia Lambda.

American iron was once again well represented as were European sedans and a range of home-grown models.

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