BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 8th September

Overnight rain left a legacy of puddle-strewn wet roads, and although the temperature hovered around 7 degrees, the cold, gusty south-westerly kept the apparent temperature closer to four. For those who were hoping for a change from the wintry conditions which had characterised the last few Breakfast Club gatherings, it was a disappointing dawn.

Only a fool would drive roofless in such conditions, but of course, your correspondent was up to the challenge. The Bimmer was due for a run, the battery was charged and the smart-arsed electronic componentry was cautiously informing me there was only sufficient fuel for 45 kilometres ? and like a neurotic panic merchant, it gave me a countdown all the way into Warragul ! Despite wearing a woolly sheep-skin cap it was a bracing drive, eventually the heater began wafting warm air into the open cabin and the heated seats earnt their keep. Upon arrival at the venue shortly before the appointed hour, it was heartening to see a dozen or more classic and sporting vehicles already in position; drivers, however, were thin on the ground – the lure of warmth, shelter, food and coffee from Frankies or Maccas was seemingly hard to resist.

By 9am the weather was still threatening, but around 40 cars had made the effort to front up. MGBs were very well represented with no less than four BGTs and a couple of roadsters with their roofs securely fitted in the upright position. The Bs were in good company, other cosseted convertibles included a 1940?s Chev tourer, a Beach Buggy (well out of its comfort zone), a 1937 Ford Cabriolet, a couple of Alfa Spiders, a pair of MX5s, Denis Varley?s Healey 100/4,  Peter Walker?s Capri, John Cobbledick?s XJS Cabriolet and of course the roofless Z4 Bimmer. Coupes and sedans supposedly offer a more insulated motoring environment and there was an interesting range of closed cars to admire. Making their debut this month was a recently restored Bolwell Nagari in dark blue, a very tidy bronze and brown XB Falcon GT and Steve and Karen Austen?s Saab 900 Turbo. Others of quirky interest included Ian Maud?s 2.5 litre Riley and Paul Montagnat?s Studebaker Avanti.

Next month?s Breakfast Club is scheduled for Sunday 13th October ? the middle of Springtime. By then we must surely be due for a fine, sunny, warm Sunday morning. I hope to see you then.

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  1. Robert Nolan says:

    Steve … You are truly Amazing & the Club is so fortunate that you are with us & give us such inspiration!
    You may soon need IBM’s big capacity to back up & cope with your immense Photo Library I feel!
    Well done again!

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