There was good turn up of vehicles, about fifteen, for the mystery garage visit to Mirboo North – although garage may be a slight understatement. The ‘garage’ ended up being the 4C’s Motor Museum which had been the destination of the regular Mid-week run, a month earlier.
Glenn Campbell led the convoy via Sunny Creek Rd and Childers. The weather kept with the forecast and rained occasionally providing a bit more slip on the road, but it was generally fine when it counted, although cold. Congratulations must go out to those who braved the weather and went tops down. It had been suggested that it would be a leisurely drive, but there was opportunity for those who wanted, to make it a bit more lively through the fabulous bends that are available on this route.
There was a stop at the Inline-4 Cafe for a coffee and to meet with the car enthusiasts from the Fish Creek area. This resulted in a lovely broad range of vehicles including a Ferrari, a couple of Lancias, a Talbot, a Citroen, Mustangs, a Mercedes, a Valiant Charger, Jaguars, MGs, Minis, a road going Elfin, a few MX5s and a hot Escort. The Elfin has apparently had a bit of work done on it of recent times and is going on sale.
Colin and Maxine Keil were great hosts, beginning with a detailed description of the museum history and contents by Colin. His second shed was also opened up to reveal
some of the work currently going on. He also has a third shed where there is even more gear, but that was left for ‘next time’.
Words and pictures by Barry Hatswell

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