DECEMBER BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 11th December

Sometimes it takes a review of the day?s photographs to fully realise the size and scope of our monthly Breakfast Club events. Admittedly, the weather on this particular Sunday in December couldn?t have been better for an early morning run into Warragul, whether you had a sports car with a hood to take down, or were coupe / sedan bound.  When your correspondent arrived in a customer?s bright orange Mini Moke at about 7:50am there would have been 10-15 cars already in position, and a steady stream of sporting and classic cars filing in to claim the remaining spaces at the southern end of the car park. By 8am, the area out front of the Supermarket was the only option left. With cars constantly coming and going, it was difficult to obtain an accurate attendance figure, but this would have been one of our larger turnouts with perhaps 100 special vehicles on display.

The highlight of the gathering this month had to be the long awaited debut of Graham Longmore?s 1930?s inspired Devaux Coupe. Unlike the ?turn-key? Devaux coupes and roadsters that are produced by Devaux CARS at Upper Beaconsfield using current Ford Falcon components, Graham has spent the last decade or so painstakingly building his coupe using components more in keeping with the vehicle?s classic design. Thus we find a Riley chassis under the fibreglass bodywork and mechanicals from a range of early Jaguars. It is certainly a stunning looking car and a credit to Graham?s skill and perseverance. Now that it?s engineered and fully registered, the Devaux will hopefully become a regular at these events.

It was terrific to see such a magnificent turnout of classic and more modern English and European sports cars ? mostly with roofs stowed out of site, at our gathering this month. John Moore?s Targa-prepared Healey 3000 is back on the road after two years of hibernation and a brake rebuild. It was just one of the four big Healeys attending and somehow three of them managed to park together! There were also four V8 MGB roadsters, several Sprites and Midgets, a selection of topless Triumphs and pairings of Fiat 124 Spiders T- type MGs and Porsche Boxsters. There was also a roofless Corvette, MGF, SL Mercedes, Nissan 360Z, several MX5s, BMW Z-cars, a beach buggy and an almost new convertible Porsche 911.

Sporty Italian fixed-head coupes from Alfa, Lancia, Fiat and Ferrari were joined by interpretations of the same theme by the Americans with their V8 muscle cars, the Germans with their Benzes and BMWs, and of course the English with everything from the Cooper S to sleek XJS and XK Jaguar coupes.

On the sedan front we had a couple of unusual Citroens, a Peugeot wagon, a Morris 1100, a 1940?s Humber, a pair of early Holdens, a Charger and a couple of classic Falcon GTs. It was a surprise to sees a pair of the now not-so-common Datsun 1600s parked side by side, and also a pair of Isuzu Bellets parked likewise. There were of course a couple of bikes, the older, classic 650 twin attracting much more attention than the rakish modern caf? racer.

There was so much to see, so many people to chat to and so many photos to take ? sorry if I missed your pride and joy.

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