Unfortunately, the weather placed a bit of a dampener on the Geelong Revival this year with the unprecedented run of hot dry days coming to an abrupt end on Sunday morning. This created wet track conditions for both the sprint and hillclimb until everything dried out later in the afternoon.

Several incidents at both venues on Saturday also slowed proceedings whilst damaged cars were recovered and safety barriers reinstated. An Audi RS7 achieved the second fastest time of the day on Saturday, but failed to brake at the end of the quarter mile. The car hit the first row of water-filled safety barriers in the braking area at warp speed causing it to flip before collecting the second and third rows of barriers, finally coming to rest perched on top of the final barriers up against a strategically located truck. Luckily the driver was OK, but the car was a write off.

Unfortunately, things didn?t go well for David Anderson and his MGB at the hillclimb venue. His engine suffered a dropped valve on Saturday?s practice run putting him out of contention and relegating him to spectator status for the rest of the weekend. Jane Vollebregt fared much better in her MGB, she was placed second in class after the three runs on Saturday. Rain on Sunday morning meant that her position remained secure until a dry track later in the day may have shuffled the leader board ? final results were not available at the time of writing.

Graeme Hollingsworth (E-type) and Steve Schmidt (Marcos) contested the quarter-mile sprints again this year. The wet track made traction off the start line a little difficult, but the main concern was hauling the cars down in the braking area with plenty of wet, slippery white lines and a man-hole cover to contend with. The first two runs were wet, the third was patchy, but by the final run all drivers had had a dry track and both Graeme and Steve clocked their fastest times. Graeme?s 14.69 sec. run placed him fifth in class, whilst Steve?s 15.71 was enough to win the small capacity Sports Car class.

It was good to see Mike Whitford and his Fiat Abarth Spider participating in the Fiat Club display, as well as several other members and friends in the crowd which was down somewhat on previous years due to the wet weather.

Production Sports Cars 1941-1972 no logbook 4001cc and over

1 Gary Ball                Shelby Daytona Replica 5690           0:13.1815

2 Stephen O’Neill          Ford Cobra Replica   5000         0:13.9022 

3 Nicholas Heath           Jensen Interceptor 1 7200       0:14.2383 

4 Harry Green              AC Cobra Replica     6300           0:14.2506 

5 Graeme Hollingsworth     Jaguar E Type  1967  4200   0:14.6950 

6 Sean Blood               Chevrolet Corvette   5700            0:15.5027 

7 Mick Hone                FIA (R) Cobra Replica 4900          0:15.5214 

8 Michael Armstrong        Chevrolet Corvette   6489       0:15.5653 


Production Sports Cars 1941-1972 no logbook up to 2000cc

1 Stephen Schmidt    Mini Marcos 1967     1275           0:15.7173

2 Laura Rogers       Lotus Europa  1972   1558              0:16.1852 

3 Paul Stewart       Renault 17TS 1974    1596              0:16.3116 

4 Barry McAdie       Renault Alpine A110  1300             0:16.7527

5 Norman May         Porsche 356 1960     1600             0:18.1588

6 Doug Keith         MG TC 1949           1250                  0:19.5880

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