MARCH BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 9th March.

Unfortunately your editor was urgently called away from the Breakfast gathering at about 8:30 am on this particular Sunday by the imminent arrival of an engine being delivered to the workshop for immediate fitment,?in order?that another of our members could participate in the RACV Fly the Flag Tour which begins in about a week?s time.

There was little time therefore, to appreciate or properly photograph the 30 or so cars that were present at that time, with more arriving by the minute in what seemed like a constant stream of fabulous sporting and classic cars. I did manage to have a glimpse at Kevin Riley?s new Mercedes supercharged V8 roadster, and what a wonderful piece of automotive design and technology it is!? Des Dillon was there in his recently revamped, aero-engined Hispano Suiza, there were a couple of tasty road bikes from Triumph and Ducati, as well as another Fiat 124 Spider belonging to a new member from Noojee who also has one or more Fiat 130 V6 Coupes and a more modern MG sedan. ?Other cars that I hadn?t seen before included a tidy 928 Porsche, a Volvo P1800 coupe and a dark coloured Porsche Boxster. There was the regular crowd as well, driving what is really an amazing, eclectic collection of sports and classic cars that never fails to interest and be appreciated by those present.

Apologies for such a short report. If you would like to add more comments or have some additional photos that could be added to the gallery, please use the comment box below or email:

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  1. John Fowler says:

    Hi All,
    I counted about 70 cars that turned up during the morning, including some we had not seen before or for a while. We had some new members there as well which was good to see. What a wonderful array of cars!

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