MID-WEEK-RUN to KooWeeRup – Thursday 21st March

We all met at the Darnum Stump Tearooms where many had coffee and cake etc. and all enjoyed a social chat beforehand. This month’s Mid-Week-Run was to the Royal Hotel at Koo Wee Rup, and at 11 o’clock we set off in our varied mixture of cars – a couple of Jags and Mustangs, an SLR 5000, Porsche, SAAB, MX5’s and  few of most other makes, through the very dry hills of  Darnum and Lardner, along the Torwood-Topiram ridge-top road and through Ripplebrook, before emerging on the Lang Lang Road for a little while. We turned off the Lang Lang Road onto Heads Rd and then headed towards Bayles and onto Koo Wee Rup taking about an hour and a quarter to complete the journey without losing anyone. It was a great line-up of cars in the hotel’s car-park.
Some members drove down from Melbourne and Phillip Island meeting us at the Hotel where we ended up with 34 people and 17 special cars. Prompt meals contributed to a very social lunch and a lot of chatter afterward in the car-park before we all headed for home at around 2 o’clock to beat the traffic.

Congratulations to John Fowler on his well-deserved Life Membership of the Club and many thanks to him and Jan for organising this month’s Mid-Week-Run.

See you on next month’s Mid-Week-Run.
Geoff Miller.

Photos by John Fowler

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