MID-WEEK RUN – Yarragon, July 10

Tuesday evening, I gave the XJ40 Sovereign a wash and clean for the next day, and my  first Mid-week run after 10yrs of membership.

Waking up having a quick coffee and toast I prepared the Sovereign and warmed it up for my Lady and to be warm, with 1 degree outside temperatures. We ventured to the Darnum Stump Caf? as per the John Fowler directions. Jan Fowler had some pressing engagements at home with Babysitting and the Vet coming to a sick cow.  After several members turned up, we found ourselves renewing a long-time friendship with Les and Julie Hurst in their Magnificent MG TD. We did several bicycles rides many years ago with them, especially remembering the one I organized in Ireland, Austria, Hungary, (along the Danube} and the Burgundy area of France.

After a Latte, John gave us the route address outside and handed out maps, but main instructions were to stay in contact forward and back with fellow travellers. We pulled out of the car park and stopped in front of another member waiting for the procession finding out we were facing the wrong way? After we corrected that, we found our way at the rear of the convoy which was Ok as I did not take in all the specific directions from John. Les and Julie Hurst decided to go straight to Yarragon as Les felt it would be a strain on car and driver to stay in touch with the group. We had 14 cars in the convoy of many varying makes, Sprite, MG. Porsche, Mini, BMW, Mazda MX5, Ford Capri, Austin Healey, Jaguar, etc, including a #42 Mini we went past several times along the route.

We started toward East West road and via the Bona Vista Primary School and Bull Swap to Lardners Track and then south into the hills to Tetoora Rd. Then back north towards Warragul and a right-turn into Hazeldean Rd and almost into Yarragon. Here we turned south onto the Yarragon-Leongatha Rd, winding our way up into the hills with great views off down to our right and behind us (if we were brave enough to look back!). When we got to a sharp left turn, we entered the Allambee-Childers Rd for a short time, before we then turned left and south onto the Old Yarragon-Leongatha Rd.  This was all downhill to Yarragon with some wonderful views that we could all admire in front of us and off to the right.

We drove along some magnificent roads and passed lush green paddocks through our beautiful Gippsland, which reminded us how lucky we were to reside in this area. We all arrived on time after our wonderful 65.3km drive at Fozigobble Caf? in Yarragon. We enjoyed a quiche (etc) and coffee with fellow members for a wonderful social lunch.

Looking forward to attending future events when the environment improves. Thanks to John and Jan for their work and dedication to the Club and their Mid-Week Runs. Looking forward to the next outing.


 Stan Hodgson and Marita Kirwin.

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