OCTOBER MONTHLY MEETING, Drouin Golf Club ? Thursday 8th Oct

With daylight saving fending off the darkness until later in the evening, our monthly meetings now offer yet another opportunity to bring the classic and sports cars out for a run in the warmer weather. Unfortunately the drive home in the dark often highlights (or perhaps that should be lowlights) the inadequacy of the lighting and associated instrumentation of cars built in the ?50s and 60?s when compared to today?s models. Your correspondent?s Bugeye Sprite generator has a massive output of 15amps, which was probably boarder-line adequate in 1958 before the engine-driven cooling fan and fuel pump were replaced with electric ones. Now on a warm night the driver has to decide on lights, cooling or fuel; but not all three at the same time.

In an informal understanding, the drive way outside the Golf Club clubrooms is available to members to park their sports and classic cars during our meetings. Unfortunately there?s only enough room for about?ten cars in this prime location, so if you?re tempted to drive your special car to our monthly meetings, it?s worthwhile arriving a little early.

Black cars always look spectacular when clean and highly polished, but they do require an inordinate amount of time and effort to keep them looking that way. Inside the dining room and on display at this month?s meeting was an immaculate black 1966 Mustang belonging to Leanne Bluett, but undergoing a final chamois down by Chris Morse after attracting a coat of fine dust whilst turning around on the gravel at the end of the sealed driveway. Leanne has owned the fully black, automatic, right-hand-drive, 289ci V8 Mustang for 16 years and loves it, but admits that keeping it clean is an endless task. About seven years ago the car was given a total body and paint makeover by Stylerod Panels in Kilsyth. Chris explained that the shell was in excellent condition considering its age, the only rust found was a small section in the doors. The Mustang has since featured in a Street Machine magazine article and receives favourable comments whenever it?s taken out. Chris admits that it is a beautiful car, but the power steering is a bit light for his liking and maintaining the deep black?lustre can be a bit of a chore.

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