OPEN GARAGE at David and Paula Andersons? Allambee property ? Sunday 16th July

Peacocks, alpacas, chooks, horses, sheep, dogs, a magnificent scenic outlook, a huge garage/workshop, sheds and MGs. There was certainly plenty to keep visitors interested. It was also four degrees warmer at their hilltop property than it was 12km away, down in the frost-covered valley at Yarragon, where the mercury was struggling to stay above zero.

The climb up into the hills from Yarragon is always eventful.  A couple of years ago the road was cut in several places by landslides and then repaired, but several sections are still rather rough and more recently trucks have been dragging mud and debris from the logging coups onto the road making it rather treacherous. Being wet after the overnight rain, the road didn?t do our members? cars any favours with most arriving at the venue looking a little less pristine then when they left home ? but nothing a good wash wouldn?t fix.

David had used this event as an incentive to clean out his workshop which included selling off his stash of early MG parts. To those visiting for the first time, this may be difficult to comprehend, as there still seems to be a plentiful supply of parts stacked on shelves throughout the workshop, but I would estimate a small shed-load of parts have gone in the last couple of months.  Dave?s road-going and racing MGBs are stored in the large garage/workshop alongside several other racing MGBs that David prepares and looks after for friends and customers. Jane Vollebregt?s purple MGB racer was on the hoist, with its refreshed engine and gearbox ready for installation nearby. There are also a couple of early MGs either under restoration or awaiting their turn, and some MGB project cars that are being looked after or possibly even for sale. David also has a small selection of classic motor cycles which range from a Harley-Davidson to a motorised bicycle, and of course there?s the recently completed Pontiac Firebird taking pride of place in the centre of the shed. Outside the workshop you?ll find a collection of donor shells, a second car hoist, and even an early Spridget shell stored under the roof of a hayshed.

The workshop, however, is not all grease and grime, there?s also a recreational area with a pool table and bar where?s David?s home brew is on tap. Paula and David set this area up with a sumptuous morning tea with a gas heater and a large BBQ turning out sausages on demand. Several people also brought cakes and slices along which were very well received.

It was pleasing to see so many members responding to this event by bringing their sporting and classic cars along.  Despite the slippery conditions, most cars were able to be parked around and along-side the sheds and even down at the house later in the morning. David was also happy to show off his classic stationary engines and pump down at the dam.  It was a very enjoyable morning and the Club conveys it?s thanks to Paula and David for their invitation and hospitality.

Photos by Graeme Hollingsworth and your editor.

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