SCHMIDT?S OPEN GARAGE and GARDEN ? Warragul, 6th November.

Preparation for an event such as this requires some forethought so that the lawns and gardens look their best and the workshop isn?t littered with works in progress, but no matter how much effort goes in beforehand, the weather always has the final say. Sunday morning unfortunately dawned cold, wet and windy with the forecast predicting passing showers throughout the morning. ?Expectations of a driveway lined with gleaming classic sports diminished with each passing shower, but, it usually takes more than a wintry morning to deter Sporting Register members.

And so they came …… Visitors continued to arrive throughout the morning, many with welcome contributions to the morning tea which was laid on some tables in the garage. Steve?s collection of classic cars is housed in 3 different garages, one of which has an in-ground pit and doubles as a workshop. In the workshop this year was a customer?s Mini Moke Californian which had only recently been fitted with rebuilt engine and gearbox. There was also a completely restored Cooper S front sub-frame assembly with race engine and gearbox fitted, awaiting the arrival of the restored and recently painted Cooper S shell.

The Warragul South property is about 3-acres in size with the bottom acre or so densely planted with native trees about 30 years ago. Some of the Eucalypts are now 20-metres tall and they provide a continuous wood supply for winter heating and a nice buffer from the prevailing westerly winds. The rest of the acreage is a series of gardens which entice the visitor to wander around and enjoy different aspects of the property.

If ever you need an incentive to clear out or clean up your garage or workshop, speak to a committee member about hosting an Open Garage event at your place. We are always keen to find different places to visit.

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  1. Jaime says:

    Would have loved to attend this event, but unfortunately I work most mornings.

    Here’s hoping some afternoon runs will be organised.

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