Sunday September 29th – OPEN GARAGE at ANDERSON’S in Allambee.

The weather was kind to us this year, the road to Allambee was mainly open – with only one fallen tree reducing the width of the road on the climb up from Yarragon; and as a bonus the power was also on !! So with all that in our favour it wasn’t surprising to see a good crowd taking up the invitation from David and Paula to visit their rural property in the hills not far from Mt Worth.

To welcome us in, David set up a beautifully restored piston pump being belt driven by a?vintage, single cylinder stationary engine . The pump produced an impressive 20′ fountain of water over their dam next to the entrance gate.?

David’s automotive collection is housed in an enormous garage and associated sheds behind the house. Not surprisingly, it’s very heavily MG biased with Y-series, T-series, MGA, MGBs of 4 and 8 cylinder varieties, and probably more gems that are hidden away in other nooks and crannies around the main shed. Not all the cars, however, belong to David; several owners who use their cars for ?motor sport have Dave maintain, repair and store their vehicles between events. There are also a number of on-going restorations, or project cars which will be put on the market when completed in order to finance the maintenance and use of the cars already in the fleet.

If you tired of admiring the automotive wonderland that is Dave’s shed, one could enjoy the very generous BBQ morning tea provided by David and Paula or wander around their picturesque property which is also home to a menagerie of ?animals including alpacas, lyrebirds, horses, dogs and fowls. ?There was also a fine collection of member’s cars scattered around the driveway which was worthy of perusal. It was great to see so many classic cars being driven to events such as this, especially as several members traveled up from Melbourne for the morning.

The Club presented David and Paula with a small plaque in appreciation of their hospitality in hosting this popular Open Garage event again this year.

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